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   Chapter 261

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"Nothing. I just feel very happy all of a sudden!"

Well, she just gave Francis a small blow. This kind of happiness based on others' pain was really addictive!

"Well, as long as you are happy."

Cliff stood up, held Christina's hand and interlocked ten fingers with her.

Cliff had made up his mind to be honest with her and let everyone know that she was the one for him and that he would always be protecting her.

What Mr. Huo did was to declare his sovereignty. Anyone with eyes wouldn't go against him.

However, the other group of people would be over reading this.

Knowing who was Christina's suger daddy, there would be a lot of people who came to hook up with her, and all kinds of methods would be endless. Even if they were to browse the side news, they would still get one or two attention, and everyone would be happy.

"Cliff, are you hungry?" Massaging her belly, Christina went out early in the morning and didn't eat much. Because of the filming, she had spent a lot of energy, and her stomach was already full of hunger. She even didn't know how many songs the empty city trick had played.

"I'm hungry. I'll take you to dinner." Cliff held Christina's hand and said a few words to Dick when passing by. Dick was willing to let her go.

"Dick was acting so easy-going!" After walking out of the filming site, Christina looked at Cliff up and down and said.

"Well, that's true, he seems like a nice guy." Mr. Huo is good at controlling people's mind. How could director Xu, who knows how to judge the situation and judge the situation, openly oppose Mr. Huo?

Mr. Huo would never tell her anything about it. He only wanted her to be in his arms.

"Isn't that your assistant Ben?" Seeing that Cliff didn't say anything, she didn't ask more. Instead, her eyes were attracted by Ben who had just gotten out of the minibus.

As Ben came down, two young men in kitchen clothes also came down.

The two young men carried a big bubble box together, and Ben carried an insulation barrel.

If she hadn't found it out, Christina would have looked into her eyes.

"Did you ask them to do that?"

How much had this man done behind her back?

Such a quiet way would always make people moved to the extreme.

"It's just a meal." Cliff said in a casual tone, but she could

two of them seemed to know each other.

Although she didn't know what Abbe was talking about with that woman, she wasn't interested in knowing. After all, they had nothing to do with each other!

People you don't want to meet always appear in various ways in front of you. It can be said that it is impossible to guard against them!

"Mr. Huo, Miss Christina, it's such an honor to meet you here." When Jeremy and the woman were about to leave after dinner, they stood up and happened to see the people at the table. Perhaps they had known each other before, or perhaps the faces of Mr. Huo and Christina were so unforgettable.

"It's such a pleasure to meet you here, Mr. Jeremy." Christina greeted on behalf of Mr. Huo.

"Yes! Maybe it's fate. "

"If it weren't for the time conflict today, I really wanted to sit down and have a talk with you two."

"But now..." Jeremy glanced at the woman beside him.

"Mr. Jeremy, if you have something to deal with, you can sit down and have a chat next time." Christina smiled and hoped that Jeremy could take the woman away as soon as possible.

As long as she saw this woman, Christina would think of what happened in the mall last time. This woman was also difficult to deal with.

Did this woman want to be with Jeremy?

Does this mean that she had already dumped Sherlock?

Didn't this woman love Sherlock so much?

"Christina, what are you thinking about?" Cliff' eyes darkened.

"Nothing." Christina shook her head. She didn't dare to say what she had just thought.

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