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   Chapter 260

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"Cliff, you don't need to follow me. I won't do anything reckless." Christina looked back at the man who was still following her. She couldn't drive him away, but there was nothing she could do.

"You can do your own business, and I'll do mine. We two won't interfere with each other." Mr. Huo answered Christina with a mysterious smile. Christina sighed in her heart and had nothing to say.

"All right, fine, as long as you are happy." Christina continued to look straight ahead, but she didn't want to think about it. It was her fault, and she happened to be caught by the man. Who could she blame?

When she went back home, the kids and the men united again, which made her have no right to refute. She could only do that!

"The Mu's roof is in a mess."


Christina didn't understand what the man meant by saying that all of a sudden, so she turned to look at him.

"Your goal has only been achieved by 1/3. I've made up for the other 2/3. I'll help you do whatever you want." Cliff rolled his eyes, which were more affectionate than the starry sky. Like the most dazzling fireworks in the dark night, they bloomed in the eyes of Christina.

Christina was dumbfounded and couldn't react at all.

Why was there such a handsome and attractive man in the world?

It was as if all the light was focused on that man, and no one else even had no spare.

The reason why thousands of lights covered his whole body was to make a person shine.

Christina couldn't move her eyes away, nor did she want to move. She just wanted to look at this man.

"What did you do to them?"

After a long time, Christina asked.

She knew a thing or two about Mr. Huo's means, but she didn't know much about them.

Everyone had his or her own bottom. Even if Cliff was sure that she was open to him, she didn't dare to look at it.

Just like what happened in the gym last time, those people ended up like that.

In fact, Mr. Huo had taken her there several times, but she didn't want to. Later, she heard some news that those people were in danger on the sea because of the stowaway.

Then what was the real reason?

He might not be able to survive!

This man was a sleeping lion. He wouldn't attack anyone at ordinary times, but as long as his bottom was involved, the lion that


"Let's go!" Christina curled her lips. She was afraid that the corners of her mouth would twitch.


"I'm sorry, Christina. I can't stand it anymore. Those girls are so cute!" Francis really didn't want to laugh out. But she just couldn't hold it anymore.

"Francy, you are so cute, graceful and getting more and more beautiful when you don't smile."


Christina's tone was rising and falling, which aroused Francis' interest, but she stopped abruptly.

"But what?" Francis opened her big but also not small eyes, bright and hopeful.

"But you are hateful, heartless and evil! It's getting worse and worse! " Christina finished her words in one breath. Francis couldn't believe what she said and looked at her suspiciously.

Embarrassed, Christina looked away and quickened her pace.

Come on! She was just telling the truth, right?

"Exactly! Humph! " Christina was so arrogant that she didn't want to admit that she had given Francis hope and ruthlessly hit her again.

Francis stood still, with a voice lingering in her heart.

Could she beat up such a bad boss?

Could she?

Could she?

What a tangle!

"Why are you so happy?" Cliff asked Christina, whose mouth was curving into a crescent moon. Then he looked at [Francis, who was standing next to her, and then looked back at her. As long as she was happy, he would love her even more.

'Only great people would fall in love with each other. The reality is not deceiving me.'

Francis felt even more depressed.

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