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   Chapter 204 I'll Pay You Back Tomorrow

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 7802

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"Is Sherry here?" Christina sat in the car and looked at the man beside her.

"Let's go inside and have a look." Cliff got out of the car and opened the door for Christina.

"I want to go in by myself." She didn't want to talk something in front of Cliff.

"You really don't need me to go with you?" Although Cliff had set Christina free, he was still worried about her.

"No, thanks." Christina shook her head.

"Okay, I'll wait for you outside. Call me if you need anything."

"Remember, I'll wait for you outside." Cliff held Christina's hand tightly and said something seriously before letting her go.

"Got it." She felt warm and sweet in her heart, but she wanted to restrain herself from letting him find it.

"I'll watch you go in." Cliff stood beside the car, Christina walked towards the unique and beautiful villa by the sea, but now this villa was a prisoner's cage.

Sherry, are you also in this situation?

Christina wanted to laugh, so she burst into laughter unkindly.

What happened to Sherry was her own fault, she reaped the fruits of her actions?

No one would find out what was going on in this beautiful villa.

The servants in the room seemed to be normal, but they didn't talk much and acted quickly. There was a faintly fierce look on their faces, and red dots flashed from the corner from time to time.

This was a villa that had been monitored. If the people inside wanted to escape, they had to put their wings on, or it was really difficult to escape.

Without looking sideways, Christina didn't appreciate the scenery in the room, but walked towards the room that the servant led the way.

As she got closer to the room, Christina could even hear her own heartbeat. She didn't know how to describe it.

When she first met Sherry, she didn't like her very much. The later contact and her own experiences were almost attributed to Sherry. If it weren't for Sherry, she would have lived another life now.

She wouldn't stop Sherry from falling in love with Cliff. After all, no one could control other people's feeling?

The most difficult thing in the world is to control the heart.

When she pushed the door open, the door creaked. The heavy breath of the room, mixed with the smell of sea water, faintly hidden in the air, came towards Christina.

"Who is it?" Her hoar

he house. When I have enough, I will definitely go out. What do you think I will do then?"

These words seemed to be whispering. If one didn't listen carefully, it was difficult to hear what Sherry was saying.

Hearing this, Christina's eyes darkened. So, she was showing her flaw?

"Then I really don't know what you will do. After all, I can't guess the real thoughts of the evil woman in her heart. Am I right?" With a smile on her face, Christina fought back perfectly.

Sherry giggled like a lunatic with extreme mental disorder. "Yes! How can you guess what I'm thinking? How could it be possible with your brain? "

"Well, Christina, what a nice name. She has the same surname as the woman I hate. Do you think there is any connection between you?"

Ding, ding, ding, the chain dragged on the ground. Her crooked steps were even worse than children's. She walked towards Christina, but she didn't go on after walking a certain distance.

"Are you the same person as Lena? I hate them so much, and you all look down upon people, proud and supercilious... "

"Maybe you are the same person, but I haven't found it yet."

The crazy woman, Sherry, asked sharply. Christina heard her shout and the sound of the chain.

Christina's eyes darkened and slowly recovered.

"Guess!" Christina's words aroused the resentment and anger of Sherry.


"I will know who you are. At that time, I will tear off your skin and peel your bones bit by bit, so that you can suffer what I have suffered today, and let you have a good try!"

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