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   Chapter 202 A Winner In Life

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 7690

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"Mr. Cliff, can we really do this?" Ben wiped the sweat on his forehead and looked around.

It was the first time that she had done such a thing. She was not used to it and seemed to have a guilty conscience.

It was not a big deal for Cliff to do this. Even if he was found, it could be said that he didn't bring the key home. There were two children at home, and no one took care of them.

What about him?

Ben didn't know how to find an excuse for himself. He was just like a housekeeper who came to accompany emperor home.

No, the housekeeper was an eunuch!

Ben felt so sad again!

Why did he have such a boss?

He really wanted to find a place to cry. Was he compassionate?

No matter how sad Ben was, he had to stand there obediently and accompany Cliff to verify the password.

Upon receiving his son's message, Cliff rushed over. He tried to input the password, but the password was wrong. He couldn't get in and the key didn't work.

Then he tried to input the password one by one. He felt that all his brain cells were about to die, and he hadn't found the right password yet.

"Mr. Cliff, can't you get the password from Mrs. Christina?" In private, Ben had already changed the way he called Christina.

Ben was right about this bet. After hearing what Ben called Christina, Cliff agreed with him.

"No." Cliff refused without hesitation. If he could get the password, would he need to try it one by one?

She was on guard against him!

Alas, it was so nice to kiss her last night, and he was treated like this today. He felt a little uncomfortable at the thought of it, but the joy was still more than distressing.

"Mr. Cliff, you really don't know the password? Is there anything else important? " Ben checked the time. He had texted Christina's life assistant earlier that Christina would come back at noon!

Time was pressing. Ben felt cold sweat all over his back, and his heart was pounding. He could probably hear it in this space.

"I'll try again." Cliff was not nervous at all. He was trying all kinds of passwords very calmly.

He had tried all the passwords he could think of, and now only the children's birthday and date were left.

His sharp eyes flashed, and Cliff had quickly input the password.

The first few passwords failed, and

, the fragrance had floated out.

The children were a little tired. They were looking at the moving door of the kitchen and the saliva in his mouth was still secreted.

"Allen, it smells good in the kitchen. I'm hungry." Touching his belly, his stomach rumbled emptily.

"I'm hungry too. Let's go to find Daddy!" Allen had been thinking about helping his father all the time. At this time, he wanted to show his father's advantages in front of his brother so that they could live together as soon as possible. The four of them could live together.

"Will daddy give it to us?" Jack forgot to call him Uncle Cliff and called him daddy.

The little baby didn't know that the moment he called out "Daddy", he was actually very happy and willing.

"Yes, I will." Allen nodded, held Jack's hands and was about to open the door and enter.

Maybe it was telepathy. Cliff had prepared the first dish for the kids.

Two or three cute children's dishes with meat and vegetables were brought out on a small tray by Cliff. There were two bowls, two pairs of chopsticks and two spoon on the tray.

"Are you starving? I've already prepared your food. You can have some first. You can continue to eat after Mommy comes back. " While talking to the kids, Cliff led them to the living room.

In the kitchen, Ben admired Cliff, who was in charge of the company and had good cooking skills.

He a winner in life!

They were both men. Why was he bad at cooking?

Except for being able to cut and wash vegetables!

What a mess!

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