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   Chapter 201 A Gentle Man Is A Supporting Actor

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Every time Christina went out, she would read it again. The children were obedient and kept her words in mind.

Even so, Christina felt very guilty to the children. She couldn't stay with them all the time because of work.

Now, even the nanny couldn't come here.

It seemed that she had to find a nanny!

She had to arrange it as soon as possible, or she would be worried if the children were always alone at home without the care of the adults.

"Babies, Mommy is leaving. You stay at home, okay?"

"Okay, bye, Mommy!"

"Bye, Mommy!"




Feeling the enthusiasm of the children, Christina responded one by one and left the house with happiness on her face.

"Christina, you are in a good mood today!" Francis sat in the front seat and kept looking back at Christina to confirm her thoughts.

"Is it so obvious?" Christina touched her face and thought no expression on her face!

"Christina, you can't feel it yourself. Only others can see it." Francis nodded solemnly.


"Francis, let me tell you. My babies kissed me today. I'm so happy." As long as it was related to the babies, Christina would be very happy, but she felt that today's happiness would turn into pink bubbles floating.

"Christina, I'm jealous of your two lovely babies. Every time I want to kiss them, they won't give me a kiss. I'm so envious!" Every time Francis thought of the two cute and chubby faces, she wished she could pinch and kiss them, but she never had such a chance.

"You will have a chance." Christina didn't want to make it too hard, so she had to give some hope to Francis.

"Well, I will keep working hard and get the kiss of the babies." Francis cheered up and was full of confidence.

Even Christina couldn't bear to look at her!

If it was a blow, she would probably be depressed!

"Come on!" She patted Francis on the shoulder to encourage her.

"By the way, Christina, Mr. Tony invites you to meet today. When do you set the time?" As soon as Francis calmed down, she thought of something important.

"Did Mr. Tony tell you the time?" Christina asked Francis.

"Mr. Tony let you decide."

"Ten o'clock this morning. I have to go home to accompany the children this afternoon."

"Francis, do you know where to find a reliable nanny?"

"Christina, I'll set a time for you to inform Mr. Tony."

"Nanny? I heard from

tanding. It was easy to have a crush on such a man with good manners.

Unfortunately, she didn't like this type of the man. He was just like her brother!


They signed the contract happily and made an appointment for the next meal. The two of them chatted for a while and told the time to join the team. Then they shook hands and left on the ground of something to do.

"Christina, Mr. Tony is so gentle! When I looked at him, my heart almost jumped out of my chest. "

"He is like a prince in novels, with affectionate eyes and gentle temper."

"Such a person can only be seen from a distance, not close!"

"Francis, such a prince is usually the supporting actor in novels. According to the previous novels, a supporting actor will have a bad end, because it's a sin to rob the heroine from the hero."

"According to the novel, the supporting actor has his own lover. The hero and the heroine love each other." The corners of Christina's mouth twitched as she discussed with Francis about the ending of the supporting actor. Francis didn't know that behind the two of them, there was a very gentle man, who was regarded as a male supporting role, watching them.

The smile on his face remained the same, and he even smiled more softly. Tony had never known that he was such an existence in the eyes of others.

"Can't I be the hero?" It seemed that he was asking his secretary, or himself.

"Yes, you can." The female secretary was speechless. Even if she thought he couldn't, she had to say yes. He was her boss!

"Forget it. I'd better be a supporting actor!"

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