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   Chapter 200 Feeling Guilty

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Cliff lay on the couch, groaning in pain. His waist was almost broken by Christina's massage.

But it was hard for Cliff to give up such happiness of pain and cheerful!


He didn't have such benefits from time to time!

Cliff couldn't help but make such a sound. If he had a choice, he would be willing to do so.

At first, Christina also wanted to give him a good massage on his waist, which was crushed by the children.

However, once she took over it, Christina only wanted to beat him. She wanted to strangle the man who had taken her son away in a few days. She didn't think she was jealous. She was very calm.

Well, it was good for her to massage him.

"Christina, can we discuss something?"

"Discuss what?"

"That's...Can you be gentle?"

Cliff could definitely feel that there must be lots of bruises on his waist.

"No." Christina refused with a bright smile.


"Christina, you're doing great. I believe that when I get up tomorrow morning, my waist and legs can recover and I'll be able play with my sons." She didn't know if he meant it or not. Anyway, he did it on purpose.

Christina didn't believe him. She laughed and said, "but I didn't force you to be a horse for the kids."

"Mr. Cliff, when did my son become your son?"

Well, before she agreed, her son had been abducted.

"The same." Cliff said in a vague voice.

"Nonsense!" Christina hit him, which made Cliff wince in pain.

"Well, Christina, Austin wants you to help him, but it's all up to you." Cliff would tell Christina what Austin had asked her to do, but he wouldn't help her make the decision.

"Say." Christina knew what was going on.

"He is driven out by his woman. He want to confess his love for Nora and get married, but now he is like a headless fly who needs you to help him." After hearing what Cliff said, Christina raised her eyebrows.

"Isn't he afraid that Nora won't agree? Even I help him? " Christina didn't refuse, and she had suggested him the other day.

"If you want to help, just do it. If you don't want to, then we won't help. Anyway, it's his own business. He can handle it by himself." Cliff overlapped his hands and put his hand under his jaw.

"I'll tell him when I have

denied. Daddy would only love Mommy!

Allen added in his heart, looking very serious.

"Really?" Jack still believed what Allen said. H was confused and stopped talking about it soon.

"Well, there is no horse to ride today. I hope that Uncle Cliff can make Mommy cool down as soon as possible!" Jack sighed again, who was like an adult.

"Of course he will." Allen was very confident in his father.

"Allen, you are so kind." A soft kiss was pressed against Allen's cheek.

Being kissed by his younger brother, Allen blushed and sat there like a stump.

"Kiss you, Allen."

"Kiss... Kiss..." Allen raised his red face and kissed Jack back.

The two kids covered their faces and laughed happily.

Christina didn't know what happened. After hearing the laughter, Christina turned around and found that the children got along well with each other.

With them, everything was enough, they were obedient and sensible.

"Babies, mommy has to go to the company today. You can stay at home this morning. You can eat biscuits, bread and milk if you are hungry, milk is warm in the thermal cup, chicken wings and chicken feet with mommy's sauce, and other fruits have been washed on the tea table. You can eat if you are hungry."

"Besides, if you are tired, go to bed. But you can't open the door. Mommy will be back at noon. Call me when you miss mommy, okay?"

"Most importantly, don't touch gas, electricity, water, scissors and knives. Don't do anything dangerous, okay?"

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