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   Chapter 199 Turn Into A Wolf And Howl At The Moon

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"Mommy, will Uncle Cliff come to our house today?" Jack's eyes were about to squint, but he still held on. He asked in the arms of Christina, and looked at the door from time to time.

Allen circled around Christina's arm and leaned against her. He was also sleepy. He looked at Christina, indicating the same thing.

Christina's heart sank. It was so easy for Cliff to break into the enemy's circle.

Bah, it was not inside the enemy.

Christina didn't know when Cliff had left a deep impression on the children.

She changed her mind and thought, 'it was good. Children relied on their father, which was the nature of their blood. No matter how far away they were, as long as they got close, they could feel, even if they didn't know each other, they could accept the intimacy.'

"Mommy doesn't know when Uncle Cliff will come back. If he can't come back at ten o'clock, mommy has to lock the door and the babies are ready to sleep."

"If the baby goes to bed more than ten o'clock, he must be a bad baby. The good baby starts to sleep at nine o'clock!" Christina rubbed Jack's little head and looked at Allen sadly. She wished she could have another big hug and hold the two children at the same time.

"Mommy, Allen and I are both good babies. We are very obedient." Jack retorted, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"Mommy, we are all good babies." With his little head nodding at one point one, Allen said in a softer and more serious voice.

"Yes, you are good babies."

What the caring babies!

'Cliff, why didn't you tell the kids when you went out and when you came back? Did you really think this was a hotel?

Now that you was close to the kids and had a good relationship with them, you would keep her promise.

Christina muttered to herself while humming a children's song.

If the kids kept asking about Cliff, Christina didn't know how to answer. She still hoped that Cliff would come back as soon as possible.

"Mommy, don't sing. Let's tell stories one by one, okay? I want to sleep as soon as you sing. " Jack rubbed his eyes and yawned. He thought that if Christina continued singing, he would definitely fall asleep.

"Okay, okay, Mommy won't sing anymore." Hearing this, Christina felt helpless and distressed. How could the baby be stubborn?

'Cliff, why were you so happy?

Came back soon!

"Mommy, I want

o babies on his back, Cliff began to crawl around in circles. The two babies looked steady, but in fact, they were very naughty. Especially after they became familiar with other people, they were free from the nature.

"Hurry up! Hurry up!"

"Learn to bark like a horse and hiss..."

"Uncle Cliff, you are awesome!"

"Daddy, you are awesome!"

Cliff did all kinds of difficult things as the kids asked.

As long as the children liked it, he was willing to risk his lives.

Christina took pleasure in his misfortune, especially when she saw Cliff rubbing his waist.

But as Cliff persisted for a long time, Christina felt depressed again.

This man, even if he wanted to coax the child, he should know when it was enough. He couldn't go too far!

How could such a smart person be so silly at this time?

Christina twisted her fingers. She was really worried about this stupid man!

'Forgot it. I would show mercy to him.'

"Well, it's time to go to bed. Come down and take a shower."

"Babies, you have to be obedient. You can't disobey me!" Christina slowly put on a long face and vividly showed a strict mother.

As long as Christina had a straight face, Jack would be very obedient.

Allen didn't want his mother to be angry, so he was obedient.

Although Cliff felt sorry for his sons, he was also grateful to Christina.

She still felt sorry for him.


Despite the pain in his waist and knees, Cliff was very happy and proud of himself.

How he wished he could turn into a wolf and howl at the moon in such a night!

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