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   Chapter 198

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"Well, you two are a perfect match. A lawyer and a policewoman."

"Thank you."

"Don't you think that Luo Qi is scary?" Hiram looked at the other two like they were a pair of monsters. Why didn't they stand on the same side with him?

They had agreed to share weal and woe, but why did they abandon him now?

"You are the only one who thinks that way, and we just don't think so."

A basin of cold water directly poured on Hiram. He couldn't live this life anymore.

'How dare these one two three bastards bully me because I don't have a girlfriend!'!

"Well, don't feel wronged there. Someone will find you anyway. Just wait patiently. As the youngest one among us, you should find the last one."

Look, what a reasonable explanation! It didn't make people think too much, but it just made people grind their teeth with hatred!

"Well, don't just talk about me. You'd better talk about yourself. You are not much better than me."

Hiram was not a fool. After being teased for so long, he could always find a way to comfort himself.

"Austin, what are you and Nora going to do about it?" Jacob was kind enough to help out Hiram for the sake of their brotherhood, so he stood up for him. As for the matter that Hiram was afraid of his girlfriend, he was happy to hear it.

"What else can I do?" Speaking of this, Austin was like a fish without water. Although he had great ambitions, he couldn't get the chance to use it.

"I have already known the method, but it can't be used!" This method was reminded by Christina in the shopping mall that day.

"Let's give it some advice."

"On that day, Christina reminded me that Nora wanted a fancy wedding. As long as I proposed to her and gave her a legitimate wedding, the child would be born. Nora attached great importance to it."

"Otherwise, Nora would feel sorry for herself." This was the pain of knowing the steps and not knowing how to operate. Silent looked at the brothers for help.

When Cliff heard the name of Christina, he was on the alert.

This did sound like the way that Christina could come up with, and she could think of the most comprehensive way.

"Now that you have known what to do, how can you not do it well?" 'Isn't this just a confession of love and proposal, and then getting the marriage certificate and entering the hall?' Hiram got confused.

"Go ahead and fill in for me if you really think it's that easy!" Austin rolled his eyes at him.

"That's because you are incompetent." He thought i

hem. After all, Austin was the adopted son of the Lin family, and the Lin group was now owned by Austin.

"I have goose bumps all over my body. It sounds so sweet!" Said Hiram exaggeratedly, rubbing the goose bumps on his arms.

"Go away. Stay somewhere else."

"You are tearing down the bridge after crossing it!"

"So what?"

"Do you still want to solve the problem?" Cliff felt a headache. He looked at his watch. If it couldn't end in half an hour, he wouldn't be able to see the lovely sleeping faces of his two sons, and he wouldn't be able to cultivate the relationship between the father and son before going to bed. He wouldn't even be able to enter the house.

"Yes, I do." The two of them speak with the same tone.

"Jacob, since Austin wants you to have a clear distinction of property, you can help him get it out."

"If you are a man, don't let your brothers operate it all. My Christina can help you, but on the premise that you still have to deal with what you should do. Don't always rely on your brothers."


"I know. I won't let my friends do all the work. I know what to do." Austin wiped his face. At first, he was too anxious. After talking with his brothers, he knew what to do.

"That's the best!"

"In that case, today's meeting is over." After saying goodbye, he stood up and left in a hurry.

"Is that all?" Hiram looked around.

"What did you expect?" Jacob held the hand of the older child, Hiram, and followed them.

"Thank you so much for today. I will make an appointment with you next time." Austin had made up his mind and didn't waste time.

It was so much better to have friends to count on!

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