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   Chapter 195 Shouldn't Have Come To This World

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"Christina, why are you here?"

"What's on your face?"

Frowning, Nora walked quickly to the front of Christina.

Christina sighed in her heart. Why did she meet this troublemaker again?

"I just want to go out conveniently? Even if I don't wear makeup to go out, I'm afraid someone will recognize my face, so I have to ugly myself. " Christina shrugged and shrugged her shoulders.

"You are right. You are so beautiful that wherever you go, you have to cover it up."

"Well, you look good now. No one will recognize you easily. You are really a powerful woman." With her thumb up, Nora smiled with her white teeth exposed.

She couldn't bear to see it!

"What are you and Austin doing here?" Christina really didn't want to listen to Nora's words any more. When Nora praised people, she had as many compliments as the galaxy.

What she was more curious about was that instead of working in the Lin Company, Austin was shopping with Nora in the mall where children's beds were sold, which made people think about their relationship.

Christina looked around the two of them with a meaningful look, trying to figure out what was going on.

The smile on Nora's face really changed in a second!

She looked back with disgust and said, "Christina, do you think I want to come here with this bitch? I was forced to do that. "

Nora strongly condemned and expressed her dissatisfaction. If she had a choice, she would tear Austin up.

It was all because of that bitch. Otherwise, how could she be like this?

"So, what happened?" She didn't get to the point, which was hard to guess.

"Is that thing?" Nora's face didn't look good. It could be said that she became awkward or embarrassed. Anyway, all kinds of emotions were mixed together.

What happened?

Christina couldn't figure it out.

But soon!

Christina took a look at the children's bed and saw that Austin had been protecting Nora all the time. If she couldn't guess it, she would be really stupid.

"How long has it been?" Christina asked naturally, but Nora's face flushed. She couldn't say anything, let alone explain. She hemmed and hawed, her eyes flickering.

Nora couldn't explain. "It's been six weeks." Austin said, laughing like a fool.

Christina could understand his feeling that he would be a father.

"Congratulations! Congratulations

n for the child. I'll help you with other things."

As long as they were in love, they would go to extremes. Christina had to admit that they were somewhat similar.

"Christina, how can you help me?" Nora raised her head with tears in her eyes.

"As for how to help you, you will know at that time. It's not convenient for me to tell you now." Christina blinked and kept it a secret for the time being.

"Christina, you can't sell me!" Nora was pathetic.

"Silly girl, how could I sell you? Are you thinking too much? " Hearing what Nora said, Christina was speechless. What was she thinking?


Let's forget it!

"Then I'm relieved." Nora was really broad-minded. As soon as Christina said that she would help her, the unhappiness and distortion in Nora's heart disappeared.


After comforting Nora, Christina took Nora's hand and began to look at the cot. Nora was also in the mood and looked at all the cots. She wanted to buy all the cots, and it was very difficult to make a choice.

Austin, who was angry, calmed down and followed them step by step without saying anything. But if he had to take out his purse, he must be the first one to take out a bank card.

"Christina, this bed is for Allen and Jack. One above and one below, upstairs and downstairs. What do you think?" Pointing at the multi-functional bed, Nora suggested to Christina excitedly.

"I don't know if they like it or not." Christina took a quick look at the bed and found that it was really good. She was afraid that the children would like it too.

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