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   Chapter 192 The Black Card Hit You On The Face

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Updated: 2020-05-18 00:12

The saleswoman's face suddenly changed. She walked up to the woman with a flattering smile. Her considerate and soft voice showed that this saleswoman was flattering the woman who suddenly appeared.

The woman looked cool, gorgeous and noble. When she held her neck high, she was like a beautiful swan, looking down at others.

Wearing luxurious clothes, the woman was like a walking ATM, telling others to come over and spend her money as soon as possible.

The man next to the woman was affectionate and gentle. When he looked at the woman, his tenderness was like water, wrapping his whole body.

Hearing the woman's voice, Christina turned to look at the woman and also saw the man's appearance.


Christina's eyes flashed. Although she was surprised, she recovered soon.

It seemed that Sherlock and Ann had broken up. Otherwise, with Ann's strong desire of control, it was impossible for Sherlock to hook up with other women. Perhaps Ann had already dealt with women.

But now this woman was almost the same as Ann.

Well, Sherlock's level was just like that!

However, Sherlock was really fast!

How could he hook up with another woman in such a short time? What a toy boy.

Christina didn't know the woman standing there. It seemed that she didn't know the person who had the same last name. She might be an outsider.

Sherlock could be counted as her first love. Although their break-up was not satisfactory, it would not leave any bad trace in the youth.

At that time, Sherlock was handsome, rich and modest. He was the idol of his classmates. Many of them chased after him, but only she became his girlfriend.

How naive and stupid she was at that time?

Now she thought that she might only be one of them!

She was in a little trance. She no longer looked at the people who had nothing to do with her.

Time flied. The past was the past.

"Which one is Mr. Tony's work?" The woman asked arrogantly and looked around casually.

"Miss Ana, come with me. Mr. Tony's latest work is here. You will be satisfied after you see it. That dress is simply tailor-made for you!" The shopping guide praised Ana very much.

Was it tailor-made for her?

How could she say that!

The saleswoman flattered. Fortunately, she didn't eat too much when she went out, or she wou

ed out a card from her pocket with a calm face. The card emitted obsidian light from shook in front of everyone, almost dazzling their eyes.

"Really?" The shopping guide took a deep breath and murmured in a low voice.

"Do I really need to tell you?" Christina had a long face with this snobbish saleswoman. After slapping her in the face with a black card, she had no reason to continue to appear.

Christina was about to slap her, but the saleswoman rushed out from behind Ana, grabbed the black card in her hand, retreated to the safety belt, and began to look at the black card.

"It's... it's true. How could it be possible? How could it be possible?"

The shopping guide couldn't believe that a person like Christina had a black card, who was not qualified to have it, but now she was really humiliated.

The saleswoman's face ached and she held the black card tightly. There was at least ten million dollars on the card, and there was no limit to overdraft.

Why couldn't she have it?

Jealousy almost burnt the saleswoman until the black card was taken away. She raised her head with red eyes.

Taking a look at the black card, Ana gave it back to Christina.

"Don't judge a person by his appearance, and sea water is immeasurable. Since you are rich, why do you wear middle grade clothes instead of high-grade clothes? At least it has to be customized! "

"Although your clothes are also customized, the fabric is not good!" Ana sighed. She didn't expect that she would misjudged because of the saleswoman's words.

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