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   Chapter 191 Snobbish

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"What do you mean?" Looking at the black card in her hand, Christina was lost in thought. She took a deep breath and asked calmly, "do you think I lack money?"

She had nothing with him. He... How could he give her... Money!

Was he so generous to everyone?

Especially for women, he would give them black cards at the first sight?

Women were irrational when they were jealous, especially the existence of black cards. How could a person have so many cards?

As a result, Christina was jealous, which made her crazy.

Cliff said in a cold voice and with an indifferent expression, as if he didn't take a black card seriously. But his eyes were glued to Christina all the time, so he also saw the subtle changes of her.

Sometimes he didn't need to explain. Even if he explained at this time, she might not listen.

Therefore, he was waiting for the opportunity to explain. And then let her misunderstand him temporarily.

Being jealous meant that she cared about him.

The corners of Cliff's mouth raised and flattened rapidly.

Hearing that, Christina's heart trembled slightly. She managed to suppress those evil thoughts and looked up at Cliff with a strange look.

Cliff remained calm and didn't explain, which made Christina completely unable to figure out what the man wanted to do.

It seemed that this was just a trivial thing, not worth mentioning.

This man was really indescribable!

"I asked you to buy clothes for the kids and yourself. You can buy whatever you like. Don't worry about money. The last thing I lack is money." Cliff's voice was domineering and confident.

The name of Cliff represented money, power and wealth. As long as one had these three things in his life, he was superior to others and looked down upon others.

"I have money!" Christina repeated.

"Your money is your own, and I give you the money. It's absolutely impossible for you to refuse."

"Well, we have arrived at the gate of the department store. Let's go inside. I have something to deal with in the company. Call me when you are about to leave. The children will be sent down the mountain later. Don't worry."

Cliff had arranged everything well. Christina didn't know how to refuse or how to look at him.

She opened the door and got off silently.

Outside the car, a gust of cold wind blew, making her shiver. Then she struggled to stand up, and the fuss in her heart was relieved.

Since he was wil

Even Christina couldn't help laughing.

"Thank you for your kind advice and looking up to me. I have known your shop and your mall's service attitude. As for the future, I would rather choose other stores than stores that don't treat customers equally."

"Oh, by the way, tell the manager of your shop what kind of shopping guide can make your business prosper. He should be more careful."

"Since you don't welcome me, I'll leave." Christina turned around and was about to leave. She didn't want to talk to the saleswoman anymore.

The saleswoman's face darkened. What did the poor woman say just now?

Could her attitude cause the business to decline?

Did she mean that?

She wore shabby clothes and didn't want other people talk about it. It was so impolite and rude for her to blame others. "Since you are leaving, I wish you a pleasant shopping trip."

Was it?

Happy shopping?

Did she say that she couldn't afford it? This potential meaning was enough.

Shaking her head, Christina opened the door and was about to leave.

But at this time, two figures came from the outside, a man and a woman, walking side by side, aiming at this luxury shop.

"What happened here?"

"Are you going to force her to buy it if she can't afford it?"

The woman, who didn't know the truth, had preconceived thoughts and said in a sharp and critical voice. She looked at the Christina thoroughly, and then walked inside after colliding with the Christina.

"Oh, it's Miss Ana. I haven't seen you for a long time. Come on in. There are a lot of your favorite new products on the shelf. Come and have a look."

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