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   Chapter 188

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"Cliff, you've made a hell of gesture. What are you up to?" Holding the hands of the two kids, Christina stood in front of Cliff.

Cliff had put a lot of efforts into it. He couldn't just meant to lead her to the mountain to see the flowers and the two children for no purpose. He didn't even want to make people guess on the Internet.

"Nothing. I just want you to have a look at the scenery on the mountain and relax yourself." Cliff said frankly. He didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed because of what he had done.

He sometimes made some small accidents to help them sublimate their feelings.

He felt that he had done nothing wrong. He had done the right thing.

Christina gritted her teeth. This shameless man, ever since he took off the other skin, had moved in another direction, completely disregarding it.

It was hard for Christina to judge whether it was good or not. Anyway, she was not used to it.

"Thank you so much!" She rolled her eyes at him.

"You're welcome." Cliff grinned broadly.

Her hands itched. She really wanted to slap him. She didn't really want to praise this man. Absolutely not.

"Mommy, I smell the fragrance. I'm a little hungry." Jack touched his belly, his eyes gleaming with desire for food. On the other side, Allen, with his small hand waved past his belly, and the meaning was very obvious.

Not to mention the kids, even Christina felt hungry. Her stomach was about to make a noise.

The familiar scent told her that Ada was in the kitchen.

She hadn't eaten her food for a long time and missed Ada's cooking very much.

Ada must have become a better cook. Just the smell of her food could make people intoxicated.

"Are you hungry, Jack?"

"It just so happens. Ada has prepared a lot of delicious food in the kitchen. You can go and eat with Allen!"

A faint smile played at the corners of Cliff's mouth, as if he had deliberately ignored Christina and reminded the children first.

Christina loosened her grip and gritted her teeth. This petty man.

Cliff noticed the expression on her face.

Why did she lose her temper just so she could have something to eat?

Cliff was overjoyed. He decided to find another chance to tease her

ish porridge in front of her, which was served by Nancy just now. The suppressed excitement and excitement in Ada's eyes surprised Christina at first, but gradually relieved. Christina smiled at her, and her eyes immediately became moist.

At that time, Christina really wanted to give Ada a hug, telling her not to worry that she was still alive.

This was not the right time. Maybe next time.

"Really? Mommy! " Jack's eyes lit up. Obviously, he wanted to eat something.

"It's true." She rubbed her little head.

"Allen, hurry up. Don't let mommy and uncle eat up. We can't even drink soup." Jack was so anxious that he took his bowl and pushed it towards Christina.

The same thing happened to Allen, but he was not in a hurry or rash.

"What two little glutton! If you want to eat something, ask Ada to bring it here!" Cliff was amused.

"The food in Mommy's bowl smells good." Being called a little glutton, Jack just pouted. He held his own small bowl, in which there was chopped green onion and fish porridge. His little mouth began to twitch.

"Okay, you're right. Let's eat!" She flicked her fingers. It was the happiest time in her life.

"Okay, okay." Jack nodded his little head. His soft and smooth black hair shone in circles under the sunlight.

Allen didn't talk much. He used the spoon smoothly, spooned one spoon after another and tasted it elegantly. The expression of enjoyment was like what he ate was the best food in the world.

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