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   Chapter 187

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"Cliff, where are you?" Christina] walked into the garden house. There were a lot of precious flowers in the garden house, which were blooming in full bloom. It was quite lively like the flowers were singing.

"Cliff, are you planning on being a coward? You asked me to come here, but you didn't see me. What do you mean? " Christina's voice was not loud, but she was sure that even if Cliff was hidden in a corner, he could hear her.

Now Cliff didn't want to talk to her, which made Christina a little uncertain. What on earth did he want to do?

'Are these flowers blooming in winter the surprise Cliff mentioned to me?' she wondered.

If so, it was really a surprise.

It was impossible to see such flowers in the city. Even in the garden of the flower fields, it was impossible to cultivate so many precious flowers on a large scale. After all, many flowers needed conditions and strong financial support.

As far as she knew, the seeds of many flowers here could not be obtained by anyone casually, which required a certain identity.

She didn't expect Cliff to be such a romantic!

It was true that he had no place to spend money so he used it to make so many things happen.

Christina thought to herself, 'Since Cliff doesn't want to talk to me, I'll leave him alone and enjoy these surprises first.'

It was really rare to see these blooming flowers in the cold winter.

Compared with the bouquet of roses outside, the flowers here could make Christina feel better. The anger she felt because of Cliff disappeared miraculously.

People! Sure enough, we would feel different in another environment.

Christina was in the mood to appreciate the flowers, but the two kids hiding in the flowers felt uncomfortable.

They were meant to be the surprise for her. Why didn't Mommy come to them?

And Daddy (uncle), why is he missing?

It was not a good idea to make such a critical mistake at such an important moment!

Should they take the initiative to go out? Or were they supposed to stay there and wait for mommy to find them?

Jack didn't know what to do, just looking at Allen with his serious face on.

Allen frowned as if he was thinking about something important.

Jack held Allen's hands and said, "Let's keep silent and make a little noise, okay?"

Allen said in a low voice, almost sticking to Jack's ears. Alt

as not good.

God bless her!

Wiping away the spring like tears on her face, Ada sniffed and began to prepare the food.

She was too excited to control herself.

She had thousands of words to say thinking about this reunion, but she didn't know what to say.

As long as she was fine!

Clang! Clang! Clang

"Mommy, are you surprised to see us?"

Christina finally found the source of the voice. She never thought that there would be such a big surprise waiting for her here.

'When Cliff mentioned his surprise, is it not the flowers, but the two kids with petals on their bodies?' she wondered/

If it was true, she would rather give such a surprise one thousand or ten thousand times. She liked it so much.

"Honey, who brought you here?" There was joy in Christina's voice. She looked at the two children tenderly and felt it was not enough.

"Mommy, daddy/Mr. Cliff took us here. There is a sunny garden house, where we can see a lot of flowers." Jack made a big gesture.

"I see! Mommy thought it was made by the magic my babies used. " 'Wow, Cliff, you are really good at playing cards. You even know how to seduce the kids first.'.

"Mommy, we are not the little wizards. How can we make these flowers out?" Jack immediately refuted.

"I see! Mommy thought so. " Christina rubbed Jack's little head and laughed inside for he was so serious.

"Mommy, do you like such a surprise?" Allen took a small step forward, looking forward to it with his round eyes.

"Mommy likes it very much. You babies are the best gifts mommy has received."

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