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   Chapter 186 Sunshine Garden House

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"Cliff, where on earth do you want me to go? Do you know how ostentatious it is to drive this car? " Christina's hand holding the steering wheel was constantly clenching, and her endurance was slowly fading away, and her anger was about to burst out at any time.

"Don't worry. No one will follow you. You can be at ease. I will remind you when we arrive at the next destination." Cliff didn't take Christina's anger seriously at all. His languid voice showed that he was in a good mood at the moment.

"Cliff, don't go too far." Christina gnashed her teeth.

"Well, I won't go too far. I will only go a little too far." Cliff said cheerfully.

If Christina could see the expression on Cliff's face, she would definitely stretch out all her sharp claws and scratch him hard. It would be best if she could scratch his face to vent her hatred.

'Damn it! A man was always so hateful. '

After seeing the other side of Cliff, Christina felt that Cliff was subverting his image in her heart all the time!

"Be careful on the way. Don't be distracted. I will wait for you at the finish line. There will be a very good surprise for you."

"Christina, you will like it very much."

"I won't like it. Don't waste your time."

"Not necessarily so. After all, you are not willing to refuse such a gift at all."

"Christina, don't speak in absolute terms. Let's wait and see!"

"Well, I'll hang up the phone for the time being. You can drive safely."

Christina thumped the steering wheel heavily. If Cliff were here, she would blow his head off.

"Uncle Cliff, is the gift you are talking about me and Allen?" As the witnesses and monitors, Allen and Jack were excited.

Mommy didn't know that they treated themselves as a gift. It was so funny.

"What do you think, Jack?" Cliff looked at the two kids gently. They were not only his closest friends, but also his biggest bargaining chip.

As long as these two little guys were by his side, even if Christina was covered with wings, she would fly back to him.

"I think it's fine. Uncle Cliff must make us mommy's gift."

"Uncle Cliff, it's so funny. Don't tell mommy. We can give her a big surprise secretly


What was it?

Was he brainwashing?

"You two little guys, go and find a place to hide. Your mommy is coming soon!" Anyway, they had to find something to do by themselves.

"Mommy is coming? Let's go and hide it from Mommy. " Children's attention was always shifted the fastest.

The two kids were in a hurry and hid in the place they had found.

'I couldn't let mommy find us later. We had to walk out by ourselves. It would be a great surprise.'

After driving to the top of the mountain, Christina finally felt relieved.

She couldn't guess what Cliff was going to do before she went up the mountain. When she went up the mountain, Christina saw the beautiful house standing in the cold wind lonely. She knew that there must be Cliff, or the gift prepared by him.

She slammed the door and walked towards the sunshine garden house.

The cold wind from the top of the mountain blew on her ears, the sound was like a child's crying and people's breath.

As soon as she pushed open the door of the sunny garden house, a gust of hot air inside and the cold wind behind her blew against Christina.

"Ouch..." Christina took a deep breath and looked inside, but didn't see Cliff.

Anyone here?

Did he go out?

Since she didn't see him, she wouldn't go back the way she came. She was very tired and wanted to have a good rest somewhere to recover her spirit.

This sunshine garden house was the best choice at present.

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