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   Chapter 181

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"Who are you? Why did you do this to me? Do you know who I am?"

"I'm telling you, I'm Mr. Cliff Huo's fiancee. Do you know who he is?"

"Cliff Huo, the richest man in China and the top ten in the world, the president of the Huo Company and the Azure Building, I'm telling you, if you dare to offend me, Cliff will never spare you."

Sherry had never felt so scared before. One minute ago she was still enjoying the pleasure of a casual fuck. Why was she here in a strange place when she opened her eyes? Her eyes were covered and her hands and feet were tied up.

Sherry's warning was ironic in front of these kidnappers.

The fiancee of Mr. Huo, the mistress of the Huo Company?

How many times had this woman used this title in front of someone who didn't know the truth?

Yes, the kidnapping was arranged by Mr. Huo. He was still at the scene and heard the heroic spirit of Sherry.

Who on earth gave this woman her guts?

Even if he was blind, he would never be with such a woman.

In the past, all signs showed that it was Sherry who did it, but he had no evidence. Now this woman was even more crazy.

'How dare she.'

"Tell her who is the mistress of the Huo Company and who is the fiancee of Mr. Huo. Let her know the reality. Not everyone can be the mistress of the Huo Company, let alone not anyone can be my woman."

Cliff's voice was gloomy and terrible, and his eyes were ferocious. It seemed that he had returned to the evil and cruel side.

Sherry's heart jolted and then chuckled.

She hadn't seen Cliff for a long time. When she looked for him, he always refused to see her for various reasons. Later, she couldn't even go to the Huo group, and her job in the Azure Building was replaced.

As for Laura, Laura told her that she needed to eat vegetarian food and pray for Buddha, so it was not convenient for her to see the guests for the time being.

Sherry didn't think too much at that time. After all, Laura always acted like this, and she was used to it.

But she never thought that such a negligence would cause such a big change.

"Cliff, listen to me." Sherry's voice


Cliff deserved to be called Mr. Huo. He was really good at punishing others as a warning to others.

Even after all these years, he still couldn't see her true feelings, he had to deal with her in this way.

Her heart seemed to be scratched by the sharpest knife, and blood kept flowing out.

It hurt so much.

Why couldn't she compete with Lena?

Why couldn't she compare with Lena even after she was dead?

Everything was so unfair.

The hatred in Sherry's heart kept rising.

"Do you feel wronged? Do you think you are right and everyone else is wrong? "

"Do you think I should love you deeply? Do you want me to find out that you are a good girl? "

"A woman like you should know what kind of person you are. Even if you give it to me, it will be dirty."

Looking into his eyes and listening to his ruthless sarcasm, Sherry was like a banana leaf in midsummer, suffering from a heavy downpour.

Why did he do this to her? What on earth did she do wrong?

Was it wrong to love someone and get someone?

"I'm not dirty, Cliff. I'm not dirty at all. I just like you. I like you so much that I'm crazy."

"Cliff, can't you accept me? Can't you accept me even a little bit? "

Sherry rushed forward, but fell to the ground because of various restrictions.

She was not reconciled!

Why did he do this to her? What did she do wrong?

She could change, couldn't she?

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