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   Chapter 177 Self Boast

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'Cliff is abnormal. I can't just follow him. I have to get rid of this situation, 'she thought.

Cliff was a man of magic. Whoever had something with him would be doomed. '

She didn't want to have a try at all. The feeling that she couldn't control herself was indescribable.

She finally got out of the predicament and looked around vigilantly.

"If you don't calm down now, you must calm down. Let's stop talking today."

"I have nothing to say, Cliff." Christina kept the distance between the two people one point one, so that Cliff couldn't shackle her at the first time.

"Are you so afraid of me?" The flirtatious voice asked the same question. This time, it seemed that Christina could feel the anger and fear in his voice.

"Cliff, I'm not afraid of you. You are not calm now. You have to have a good rest to calm down." Christina felt both physically and mentally exhausted.

"Really?" After giving Christina a cold smile, Cliff looked away.

Without the fixed gaze, everything seemed very calm and reassuring.

But Christina didn't dare to stay here. She wished she could have the wings and leave here as soon as possible, so that she wouldn't feel scared and panic.

"Sorry, I have to leave now." Christina summoned up her courage and left in a hurry.

Heard the collision of tables and chairs, Cliff' lips curled into a mocking smile.

Aren't you afraid?

I don't think so!

She was afraid.

"Christina, Christina!"

After escaping from Cliff, Christina went back to her room. Lying on the bed, she tightly grabbed the quilt and gasped for fresh air. She was still alive, and it was even more precious!

"What's wrong with Cliff? What happened on him? " Christina couldn't figure it out, but finally she had to give up.

She hoped that Cliff wouldn't stay at home tomorrow. On the other hand, she hoped that he could get better tomorrow.

Such a hope kept ringing in her heart.

"Get better, Cliff!"

When she was abo

he eldest son covered. This kind of operation was great... She was not convinced by anyone, but her younger son and older son.

"Okay, breakfast is ready. Come and have breakfast." Cliff, who had acted as a father, came out to be a peacemaker.

"Really?" Christina didn't want to say anything, but her son was easy to be cheated. He immediately followed Cliff around.

Cliff was a patient man. After getting his two sons settled, he sat on the sofa all the time.

Christina stole glances at Cliff and wondered what was wrong with him?

"If you want to ask, just do it openly. It's not like a gentlewoman to do such a furtive behavior!" Cliff didn't open his eyes, but he knew what Christina was doing.

Christina thought to herself, 'damn it! Now that I'm discovered, I should stand there aboveboard.'

"I'm not a gentlewoman, and I don't need to be like a gentlewoman."

"Cliff, can you tell me what happened to you?" Christina asked, looking around.

"When you ask others questions, you should look into their eyes and don't avoid them, okay?"

"Got it." After being taught a lesson, Christina's face turned gray.

"I'm doing this for your own good. You should thank me. The people I taught are all very good talents. Don't you think so?"

Cliff boasted himself!

He boasted all time.

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