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   Chapter 174 As Smooth As Jelly

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 6197

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'Damn it! She ran away with anger again. '

Cliff was absolutely helpless. He could have talked well. Why did he piss her off?

It seemed that he kissed her, which made her so scared that she ran away directly.

Cliff touched his lips, which remained the touch of the soft and tender. Besides, there was the scent of fruit. It must be her lipstick.

Alas, he felt it good, but he couldn't kissed her again.

His wife ran away with the children again. She could have kept a child for him, but now she didn't want to keep a child.

He had confessed his love to her, but why didn't he move her?

Cliff didn't figure out. 'What was the reason?'

"Cliff, why didn't you sleep in the middle of the night? Why did you call me?" Hiram said weakly on the phone.

"Come out for a drink." Cliff cut to the chase.

Then, Hiram revived immediately.


"Are you serious? You didn't lie to me? "


"Oh, yeah. I've been forbidden to drink for a long time. Now I can finally taste the delicious wine. I really want to have a good taste!"

In Hiram's life, his favorite things were computer and good wine.

He didn't have much feelings for beautiful women. When he was free, he would go to every alley in order to find the wine that could make him think it was delicious in the world. People couldn't understand his insistence on good wine.

"Cliff, where are you now? I'll go straight to you, okay?" Hiram was a little conscientious and knew to pick up Cliff.

Without bodyguards, they could make thing much simpler.


When Hiram drove the car to look for Cliff, he saw a cigar burning at Cliff's fingertips.

"Hey, what's wrong with you? You look unhappy. Are you crossed in love? " As soon as Hiram opened his mouth, he really didn't have anything good to say!

"Why don't you say anything? Am I telling

ping. Do you want to go and have a look?" When Christina invited Nora, Nora hesitated for a while and followed her.

When she saw the two children sleeping soundly on the same bed, Nora's eyes were almost glued to them.

How could there be such cute little angels?

One of the two kids looked like Cliff, and the other looked like Lena.

These two children were obviously biological.

"Christina, your little angels are so cute." Nora walked forward in a low voice, but she retracted her hand before she touched it. She was afraid that she would poke the child's face with force.

She was patient and eager. These two emotions intertwined in her heart, biting her heart bit by bit.

What a tangle!

"Nora, go and touch the children's cheeks. They won't do anything to you. Have a try!" Christina encouraged Nora. After looking at Christina for a few times, Nora tried to go over.

This time, Nora's hand touched the baby's little face. It was as smooth as jelly.

Maybe it would be a wonderful feeling when it was eaten!

"You can touch them! So cute! " Nora's heart was about to melt. How could there be such cute little guys?

Nora wished that she could shout out loud so that others could know her happiness!

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