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   Chapter 167 See You Next Time

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The call didn't change everything at all in the sun, but at this time, it made Christina feel very ferocious, like a big mouth that could swallow people at any time.

"You called the wrong person." Christina refused calmly.

"Did I really call you wrong? Or did you dare not admit it?" Sean blinked his eyes and smiled. He didn't think that he call wrong person. He knew Christina wouldn't admit it. It was just a test.

Christina didn't realize that there was something wrong with her.

Now that he had confirmed it, he was relieved.

"Christina, see you next time!" After confirming her identity, Sean stopped. He didn't want to push her into a dead end. He was not the stupid Ann who was brainless.

"I don't want to see the members of the Mu family. It's better not to see you again." Christina said coldly. She didn't give Sean any face.


"All right! I won't see you next time. " The bright smile on Sean's face didn't fade away when he said this.

Never see you again?

In other words, she didn't need to see him again. What a good explanation!

Unfortunately, Christina hadn't figured it out yet.

"Take care, Christina. I have to go to school, so I have to go now." Without a pause, Sean turned around and left.

Christina frowned. She didn't think that Sean would give up so easily. She couldn't figure out what the contradiction was, so she had to leave.

"Christina, where are you now?" Francis's call was just in time. Christina was about to go back in the car.

"On my way home."

"Christina, come to the company. Carl and the president have something to tell you." There was excitement in Francis's voice, but she suppressed it, which made her looked very strange.

"What is it? Can't you tell me on the phone? " Christina asked tentatively.

"Christina, come to the company now! It's a great news. I can't explain it clearly on the phone. " Francis opened her mouth but decided not to say anything. She continued to beg Christina to hurry up.

"Okay!" Christina felt helpless. Sometimes she met someone who was more persistent than her. Wh

Tony?" Hearing that, Christina felt relieved.

"I'll take you to meet Tony tomorrow and sign the contract by the way."


"Christina, I still have to say one more word. You'd better find out the person behind it as soon as possible. Although Tony said they don't mind, but who won't really mind? If there are all kinds of unnecessary scandals during your shooting, think about it yourself! " Carl thought he had been worried enough. Whose agent would worry so much?

"I know. That person won't be able to do anything in a short time." Since she had seen Wade today, Sherry would be more careful in the future, who was like a mouse in hiding.

"That's good. You know what to do."

"Well, that's why I asked you to come to the company. This is the script. You can go back and have a look. Although the contract will be signed tomorrow, it is still possible to change. In case you don't perform well on the spot." Carl took out a framed, elegant and fashionable script and handed it to Christina.

"Thank you!" After looking through the script for a while, Christina loved it.

"Christina, I'll go with you tomorrow." Brook, who was just quiet, stood up and said.

"Will you go with us?"

"Of course, I'm going to escort you!" Brook raised his eyebrows and said mischievously.

"Sure. I'm relieved to have you with me."

Well, the free bodyguards, then everything is ok.

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