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   Chapter 166 Call You Lena

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"So, boss, are you too idle these days to keep an eye on this woman?" At a glance, butterfly knew what kind of woman Sherry was. She liked to seduce men.

As long as something touched her, what kind of thing did this woman not dare to do?

No one could stop her, and no one would be willing to stop her.

"This woman has done a lot of annoying things. It just happens on my holiday, so I just help Cliff deal with it. In case this woman will cause trouble to my brother, sister-in-law, and my mother who only knows about romantic affairs!" Wade said justly and butterfly gave him a light glance.

"Boss, you are too idle. You just found something exciting, so you are here to meddle in other people's business."

"Well, whatever you say. Anyway, it's a big deal. You should have found some clues after monitoring her for so many days, right?" Wade was so shameless that he didn't care about being exposed at all.

Butterfly finished another cigarette. Indeed, after monitoring for these days, she thought that the man called Duncan was the most suspicious one. And the person who Sherry called secretly.

"Boss, shall we inform the superior?" It was rare for butterfly to think that there was an organization, but she just casually mentioned it.

"Is that necessary?"

"It's enough for us. Too many people may draw their attention. We don't know how powerful the man behind us is. We don't want to alert the enemy."


"Besides, you take turns to monitor them these days, but you should be careful and not expose yourself too early. I won't follow you because I have something to do."

"Boss, are you going on a blind date?" The casual words of the butterfly almost made Wade change his face. He gritted his teeth and said, "No blind date. Just mind your own business."

Oh, it was really a blind date!

"Well, I'm leaving now. Be careful."

There was nothing to talk about. When he saw Christina come out, he opened the door and got off.


"Christina, why are you here? Does Cliff know you are

than the stupid Ann.

He had been sad for a while when he knew that something bad had happened to Christina.

Well, now the big toys are back. He must be careful to make fun of her! Otherwise, the toy would be destroyed again.

"Are you afraid of me?"

"Christina, I'm just a high school student. Why are you afraid of me?" Being innocent and harmless, Sean was confused.

That was the expression like this. It was like that when he was a kid.

When Sean wanted to set her up, he would always use such an expression to deceive her. At that time, she was so stupid that she was fooled by him and thought he was very cute.

He had a deceptive appearance, a devil's heart, and all the members of the Mu family were good at camouflage.

That strange and terrible home. If it hadn't happened, she would never have found out their true face and would have been concealed by them.

"Lena, you came back without informing us. Do you know that we are all worried about you?"

Sean was always looking for a chance to stir up trouble. The secret had yet to be confirmed, but now it was like revealing it to the world too early.


She hadn't heard this name for a long time!

How did Sean know?

Christina remained calm, "who are you calling?"

"I'm calling you! Lena! " Sean smiled happily, his eight white teeth shining in the sun.

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