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   Chapter 164 One After Another

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"I suspect that I'm blind. Is what the superior said true?"

"There is no blind person upstairs. It's true!"

"Who has the evidence downstairs to confirm it?"


"Is it really like what the micro-blog post said? Goddess has already had a child, and she is still with a married man? "

"I think I'm going to dislike her. After goddess came back, she didn't have any new work. All she needed to do was to hype to maintain her popularity, and there are too many gossips about her."

"I'm afraid that she also hyped abroad. The real level is still to be tested!"

"Stop it. Let me have the best fantasy at last!"

"Goddess, I'm so disappointed. How can you do that?"

"@ Carl Loves Makeup. Come out and explain it to me."

"@ Christina, come out and clarify it."

"@ the CCH, @ Brook, @ the CCH..."

"Who is that man? Do you know? "

"And there are two kids next to her. They look pretty and look about the same age! Is the goddess and this man... "

All kinds of topics, various fantasies, the year's play on the Internet had never stopped for a while, which was like the waves were higher than once.

"I'm afraid that she's going to lose her role. With so many rumors coming out, it's not far from the truth. I'm afraid that she hasn't done a good job since she came back. There's no hope for her new play. She became like that because she is at high starting point

"What a pity for that face."

"What's the pity? She had made enough money. She was neither hungry nor poor. At least she could find a man to raise her. Look at her comfortable life! Unlike us, who work early and late every day for the money, I'm afraid we can't get anything in the end. "

"Don't say it anymore. It all depends on what goddess says. Why are we so blind here?"

"Carl, they are quarreling with each other on the Internet again." Holding the tablet PC in her hand, Francis said to Carl seriously. Her eyes were fixed on the tablet PC all the time, and her fingers slid through every message.

"Whatever they like! The annoying things appeared, one after another. I guess someone is playing tricks on Christina. They would take action next time. " He had guessed that it was a trick, but the clues were still not clear.

Carl hadn't had t

Christina felt it was very ridiculous.

As long as there was any news on the Internet, netizens didn't need to care about the truth. They immediately turned into keyboard men and talked nonsense.

Sherry was so considerate and wanted to guide the public opinion to crush her and give her a hard time.

It was a pity that she was not Lena. She was not that weak and couldn't be defeated by Sherry all of a sudden.

Her tolerance did not mean that she was weak to be bullied.

'Sherry, now that you were going to press me to this point step by step, don't blame her for fighting.'

"What happened?" As soon as Cliff came out, he saw that Christina was full of fighting spirit and killing intent.

"Nothing." Christina shook her head and put the phone back into her pocket.

"Don't hide it from me. I've already known what happened on the Internet." Since she didn't want to tell him, he would speak it out.

As long as there was anything about Christina, he would know it immediately.

The reason why he didn't take any action was that he wanted to know what Christina wanted to do and then cooperated with her.

He wouldn't do anything without her agreement, nor would he block all the troubles with his arms. He believed that she would have her own way to solve these troubles.

And he would be a qualified guardian and stand out at critical moments.

"I can handle it myself." Christina looked at Cliff, and her eyes blazed with anger.

"If it can't be solved, I will consider you!"

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