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   Chapter 163 Strange Women

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"Who is it?" Hearing the children open the door, Christina hurried out of the kitchen. She saw Austin at the first sight. Then she realized that Cliff might have found Nora and informed him.

What a mean man!

"Who are you?" Christina had never seen him before. With an alienated smile on her face, she walked up to the children and asked him.

"I'm Austin, Nora's fiance. I'm here for her. Nora had a quarrel with me. I'm here to take her back." Austin responded and didn't show much enthusiasm.

Although he knew Lena before, he didn't have much contact with her.

It was also the first time he had seen Christina. They were strangers.

Austin didn't say much. After a simple greeting, he shifted the topic to Nora.

Christina didn't plan to talk to him. Since she knew that he was looking for Nora, she pointed to the direction of the guest room.

As an outsider, she couldn't get involved too much in the matter between Nora and Austin.

What's more, she actually knew a little about their conflict from the child.

Children didn't lie. Although Cliff didn't tell her what Nora had said in the mall that day, Jack had been frightened several times at night. Christina was so worried that she asked Jack about it.

She couldn't blame Nora and Cliff. She could only rely on herself to protect her child and try her best not to let her child face those messy things.

"Thank you."

"No, thanks."

"Austin, I hope you won't make Nora cry in the future. If you have something, you'd better tell her, make it clear and don't play the game of guessing. After all, sometimes speaking is more important than anything else, because not everyone can understand you."

That was all she could do. She was just a friend and couldn't interfere too much in other people's affairs, because her own affairs were also a mess.

"I know. Thank you." Austin also knew where the problem was and wanted to have a good talk with Nora.

Nora's temper was stubborn like a cow. Sometimes they were too ideal and did not consider each other, so they came to this point.

He could


"Wow, there are so many books and people."

Even the little boy was completely shocked by the size of the library. When he saw this scene, his eyes became very bright like bright stars.

"What lovely boys!"

"Is this the first time you come to the library?"

"Babies, how old are you? Can you read books? "

"These two babies are so delicate. Are they twins? Look at their eyes, nose, face shape and even their small movements. "

"I found it after you said. It's true!"

"Why are there such cute little guys?"

"Hi, boys. I'm the staff of the library. What can I do for you?"

Jack and Allen were surrounded by a group of young girls, who were talking with each other.

Not afraid of strangers, Jack and Allen stood there and were watched by them, especially Jack, he liked to be looked at by others innately. With eight small teeth and the cutest smile, he smiled at these women who called themselves pretty girls.

Allen's cool expression was vigilant. He seemed to be a little angry and arrogant.

The two kids had two totally different expressions on their faces, which could be said to be very cute for these women.

"Oh my God! How could there be such cute babies in the world? I really want to take them back! "

"Me too."

"Pretty girls, you are breaking the law without my mommy's permission!" Jack explained with a smile in a soft voice.

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