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   Chapter 162 This Is My Brother

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Since the kids wanted to go to the library, she would never object.

As long as there was a chance, she would make sure that children had a better environment. Even if there was no chance, they would create it.

Nowadays, children were smart and precocious, so they knew a lot of things.

"Okay." Christina nodded in agreement. She turned to the two children and found that they both had smiles on their faces. Obviously, they were very satisfied with this decision.

"Mommy, thank you!"

"Thank you, Daddy(Uncle Cliff)!"

He felt warm for the gratitude of the children.

Alas, when could Jack called me daddy?

When could his wife come back to him?

There is still a long way to go. Keep working!

I hope I can succeed as soon as possible!

Oh my God!

Wasn't that Cliff?

Wad that Cliff's son?

Was he the son of Christina?

Why did one look like Cliff and the other look like Lena?

Nora, who was resting in the guest room of the Christina's residence, didn't fall asleep. After Cliff came, she had been worried that he would come in and troubled her.

That day, she was so dizzy that she scolded Cliff and said something like that. If she had known it earlier that the child was Christina's, she wouldn't have said it!

Now, she felt extremely embarrassed.

She wanted to leave, but she didn't know what reason she should use.

She was afraid that Christina would know what she had done that day, and more afraid that the children would see her. Did she leave a bad impression on the children that day? Did she frighten them?

Nora really regretted what she had done?

"What should I do?" Biting her fingertips, Nora hesitated.

She opened the door secretly. From her side, she could see that the four people were very harmonious, like a family, very close. The atmosphere between them could not be destroyed at all.

Just looking at these, Nora had a strange idea. Especially when she looked at Jack, why did this child look so much like Lena?

Why did Cliff's son call Christina Mommy? Why did Cliff fall in love with a mother with a child?

All these were like mysteries, surrou

dead in front of you? '

The pain in Austin's blue eyes was overwhelming.

In the end, Austin didn't want to continue thinking like this. He opened the door, got out of the car and walked upstairs.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong, who came at this time?

Christina was washing dishes in the kitchen, while Cliff was squeezing into the kitchen. Only two children were playing in the living room, while Nora was hiding in the guest room as a coward.

"Allen, is there a bad guy outside?"

"Shall we open the door?"

Jack was itching to have a try, but he had to pretend to be afraid.

Allen glanced at Jack and thought, 'it was so fake.'

"We can have a look inside. If he looks bad, we don't need to open the door." Allen picked up a small stool and walked towards the door.

Through the cat's eye, Allen saw a very beautiful mixed blood man outside. He thought for a while and found that the man seemed to be his father's friend, Uncle Austin.

Why was Uncle Austin here?

Allen still opened the door, "Uncle Austin, are you looking for daddy?"

As a polite Baby, Allen was the first to greet him.

As soon as the door was opened, he was called Uncle Austin. Even Austin was not prepared at all.

"Are you Allen?" Austin looked back and forth between Jack and Allen, and finally asked Allen who looked like Cliff.

"Okay." Allen nodded.

"This is my younger brother, Jack." Allen pointed at Jack.

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