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   Chapter 156

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"Cliff, is that what I think?"

As a lawyer, Jacob wouldn't lay any ground work before his point. Why did he bother to do so if he could get straight to the point?

Jacob asked casually but seriously.

"He is my son, he and Allen are twins. Jackson and Allexander." Cliff's eyes softened. Speaking of his two sons, he was proud of them. He was glad that they had come to this world.

"So, she's back?" Jacob was shocked. He didn't expect the truth to be like this.

Although he was happy for Cliff, he was still worried about him.

"Your memory." Jacob had never discussed this with Cliff before. After all, his lost memory had something to do with the blood clot.

"It's not a big deal. Don't worry. I won't do anything stupid."

Hearing that, Jacob was finally completely relieved. Cliff's answer was just a guarantee.

"Congratulations! You have two sons." Jacob patted on Cliff's shoulder.

"Thank you." The smile on his face widened.

"When the day you formally meet each other as a family comes, I have to give you three big gifts."

"Cliff, you have to hurry up!"

"Look at the boy, Austin. He had done something extraordinary, really out of the box, he scolded Nora today. Nora cried and ran away."

"Cliff, don't despise Nora that much. She is after all your loved one's best friend, so..." Jacob gave Cliff a little heads up. He was afraid that Nora would say something out of line and offend someone.

"That's alright. ." Cliff would never lower himself to the same level as Nora.

However, he would still try not to let Christina and Nora stay together in the future.

As for Austin, he must have been too idle recently, maybe he should have made more contact with the Lin Company, since their CEO couldn't even handle a woman.


Jacob's heart jolted. He realized that Cliff got angry with Nora anyway.

'Forget it. We're close friends anyway. It's all over now.'.

It was Austin's fault to be tortured by Cliff. After all, he couldn't control his woman.

"Take Hiram away. Don't let him spoil my son." Cliff glanced at the children's amusement park casually. On the other side, Hiram was playing with two cute boys. His laughter was so loud that it could even break the ceiling.

Without turning around, Jacob knew it

up with him.

One hundred thousand questions, children's inner world, all kinds of books, starting from today on.

"Jack, have some milk tea." Allen silently handed over a small cup of milk tea, Jack took it over and began to drink it.

Finally, his mouth was gagged.

Like Cliff, Allen breathed a sigh of relief.

Hey, innocent human.

It was too early for them to rest assured.

One hundred thousand questions were just beginning.

In a corner of the office, there were all kinds of building blocks that were used to build castles.

When Jack and Allen were inside, they couldn't see the little figures.

Cliff didn't see them, but heard her voice.

"Allen, do you want to put some green plants in our castle?"

"Mommy said that green plants can evolve the air."

"Let's do that."

Allen, shall we give the castle a name?"

"Love house? Love you, super warship, dinosaur group... "

"A family of Jack and Allen."

"Wow, Allen, you are so good at this! It has both our names in it! "

With his starry eyes, Jack jumped excitedly on Allen.

The pain and pleasure existed side by side, it was excruciating for Cliff's ears.

In the past, it was so quiet that even a needle could hear the echo in the office. Now, even if the sound insulation was good, one or two children's happy voices could be heard occasionally.

The news about the boys had spread all over the Huo Company.

Their golden king president of the company had two adorable sons. They were so cute and awesome!

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