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   Chapter 154 I'm Very Disappointed In You

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"How despicable you are, Cliff!"

"How despicable am I?"

"You are such a despicable man. Don't you know how much harm you have done to Christina?" The more Nora thought about it, the angrier she became.

How could there be a man like Cliff?

Did he think he could be fearless and chase after whatever kind of woman he wanted just because he was handsome?

To put it bluntly, he felt that he was a saint of love.

To put it bluntly, he was a promiscuous man.

Nora was so angry that she almost turned into a dolphin.

Christina certainly didn't know what kind of man Cliff was.

Maybe Christina didn't realize that she had fallen in love with Cliff.

The worry in Nora's heart made her look at Cliff more unfriendly.

In addition, Nora was unfriendly to the two children.

Children were very sensitive to emotions. If she was not friendly to them, they could immediately perceive it.

Almost at the same time, Jack and Allen kept a certain distance from Nora.

Nora didn't notice it, but Austin did.

The two kids might be the offspring of Cliff!

Looked at this kind of action. If they were not twins, they couldn't reach a secret agreement.

It seemed that there was something he didn't know.

'well, it's time to ask Mr. Huo if he sees us as brothers?

It was not good that Cliff didn't know to inform him in advance, if something happened.

"Cliff, you're such a jerk among men. You've never let such a child go. You've changed a lot. You've reached a new level!"

"Cliff, I warn you. Since you are so disgusting, don't try to harm others, especially Christina. Don't appear beside her anymore. She doesn't need a man like you."

"Cliff, did you hear that?"

Nora was so angry that she didn't try to hide anything. What she said had refreshed others' values and reached a new height!

Hiram rushed here in a hurry. He didn't even put on his shoes, and his shirt was unbuttoned. He was so shocked that his chin almost couldn't close.

In a hurry to watch the play, Jacob calmly pushed his glasses down the bridge of his nose.

Sure enough, there was

to guess what Jack was thinking just by a glance.

"Don't worry. I'm not angry. I'm just angry with myself. I didn't protect you well and made you suffer." Cliff held the two kids in his arms.

"If you are not angry, I am not wronged. I'm happy today. You took Allen and Jack out for fun and bought many toys and beautiful clothes."

"Uncle Cliff, don't be angry. I'm kissing you."


The feeling of kiss on his right face was as smooth as jelly.

A child's lips were imprinted on his face.

Her broken heart healed miraculously the next second. He was very happy as if a bird fluttered his wings happily, trying to fly high.

"Daddy, don't be angry. We'll be with you." A kiss fell on his left cheek.

From the back, everyone could see that Cliff was about to float when he walked.

Two children were the best treasures God gave him and he wanted to cherish them for the rest of his life.

"Nora, what's wrong with you?"

Austin had never said anything harsh to Nora. What Nora had done this time was too far. How could she not distinguish right from wrong and put so many crimes on others before everything was clear?

It was not only for adults, but also for children.

"Nora, I'm very disappointed in you. What's the difference between you and those women in the countryside?"

Austin's face was very gloomy, and his sea like eyes were constantly rotating.

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