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   Chapter 148 The Annoying Ann

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Updated: 2020-05-03 00:24

"Carl, why did Ann come to see Christina again?"

Francis asked Carl in a low voice. Carl didn't look good either. Now they hated Ann so much.

"How do I know?" Carl said and rolled his eyes at Francis.

"I thought you knew it. You are the agent!" Francis pursed her lips and thought, 'well, that made sense!'!

Carl was almost pissed off. What a false reasoning?

Although he was an agent, shouldn't he know everything?

"Francis, you shouldn't think so. Not all agents should know everything. Agents didn't need to inquire about anything!" Carl said to Francis solemnly, as if she was too stupid to understand.

After hearing that, Francis was taught.

"I see, Carl." Francis nodded.

Well, even Carl didn't know!

Sure enough, Ann was not a good person.

"Are you curious about my coming to you?" Ann smiled faintly and stood in front of Christina. The simple dress Ann was wearing highlighted her vigor and youth at her age.

"I'm not curious at all, because you come to me to trouble me. I'll stay away from trouble as far as I can. I'm not masochistic. Should I get close to it?" It was unbearable for ordinary people to bear Christina's shame.

Ann was speechless by Christina

"It's my fault to apologize last time. This time, I'm really grateful to you. Please forgive me."

Unprepared, Ann bowed to Christina.

The two of them were good-looking and were still the closest to the company.

There was no need for them to specially publicize it. Someone would notice what happened here and naturally look here.

Some reporters, who had been staying here for years, had even taken photos of them with their cameras.

"Let bygones be bygones. You don't need to apologize to me on purpose. Your apology is like adding fuel to the fire, which will grill people on the fire."

"Christina, we do

even you don't know the truth."

"You don't deserve to be the true love fans. Don't stain the name of the true love fans."

"If you want to leave, you'd better leave as soon as possible. Don't occupy the position of true love fans. You are not welcome here."

Christina's fans didn't come out to help Christina clarify and fight for her in the first place before.

This time, they all threw themselves into the online war.

Looking at the comments on the Internet, Christina felt warm in her heart.

They didn't know each other, but they could do this for her. This was probably true love.

"Christina, I'm so moved! Your fans are so awesome! " Tears welled up in Francis's eyes. She was moved.

"Yes! Their fighting capacity is really frightening. "

"Francis, go and buy one thousand small gifts. After this matter is over, I will give them to thank them." Christina laughed happily. It was not that she didn't care. It was just that if you cared too much on the Internet, sometimes you would be hurt the most.

"Christina, don't worry. I will help you with it!" As soon as she received Christina's order, Francis wanted to buy all the gifts as soon as possible.

Christina really loved her fans!

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