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   Chapter 147

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"What are you doing here?" Christina stood in front of the door, preventing Cliff from entering.

One of his feet was stuck in the door.

"I'm here to see you and the kids." Said Cliff in a soft voice.

Christina instantly fell for such a voice but quickly recovered.

"The kids are fine. I don't need you to come to see them or me. You must be very busy. You'd better go back to work!" Christina really didn't want to face Cliff. It was not that she was escaping, but that she didn't know what to explain for the time being.

Cliff had lost his memory. It was impossible for him to know that she was Lena or that Jack was his son.

To avoid early exposure, it was better to stay away from him.

Moreover, Hess was a big problem. He was in the room right now. If Cliff really broke in, a star battle might begin.

"The company's affairs are handled by the subordinates of mine. I don't want them to live a happy life with money. They must pay for such a high salary."

"So I'm free now." Although Cliff acted like a gentleman, Erica thought he was a rascal.

This man sometimes was really unbearable.

"Since you are free, you can ask your friends out to drink and play basketball. In this way, you can keep in touch your brothers and exercise. Why not?" Christina had made up her mind not to let Cliff in, but Cliff refused to accept that and insisted on coming in.

Anyway, the two of them had reached a deadlock at the door.

"I won't leave until I see them. I will play basketball with my brothers. I can do that in the future, but it's urgent to pursue my wife and children!"

Since he couldn't hit the crooked ball, he had to play it straight.

Christina didn't know how to respond to that.

What did he mean? What did it say?

She felt like hundreds of ants were scratching her heart. It was not good, but she was eager to know, and she didn't know what to do.

"Cliff, don't you understand what I'm saying? You'd better leave now! A few days later, I wi

Oh Carl, you are so kind to me."

"Since you know I'm kind to you, you'd better hurry up to act and shoot the advertisement."

Carl could say anything related to occupation for more than three days and nights.

After hearing it for a while, Christina was not interested in it anymore.

Carl's nagging made no difference!

"Mommy, was that Carl?" Jack rubbed his eyes and lay prone on the body of Christina.

There was no sleepiness in Allen's eyes. Instead, Christina and Jack's figures were reflected.

"It's Carl indeed."

"Mommy, is Carl going to urge you to go back to work?" The little Baby Jack became curious in an instant. He grabbed Christina's clothes and leaned his little head against her.

"Not to act. Just go back to the company to read the script." Christina explained to Jack, who was listening to her in confusion.

"Mommy, can you take me and Jack with you when you go to the company to read the script?" Allen had inherited Cliff's personality.

"Allen also wants to go there." What a considerate child!

"Okay, then I'll take you and Jack with me. What do you think?"

It was finally settled bargaining with the children.

Christina could have agreed in the first place but she decided to mess with her children for a bit. She teased the children, which almost made them anxious.

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