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   Chapter 144 Abandoning The Idea

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 6780

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Why did he always call me Uncle Cliff?

The word 'Uncle Cliff', like a steel nail, set him on the chopping block.

These two words weighed heavily on his mind and also represented his past negligence.

If he could go to the past, he didn't want the car accident to happen, nor did he want his beloved woman and child to suffer so much.

Breaking up family was the most tragic thing in the world.

Human beings were social. They couldn't stand loneliness at all.

A little bit of loneliness would also be like ants that had gnawed his body crazily. In the end, only a torso would be left.

They hadn't confessed everything to each other yet. There were still many things that hadn't been spoken out, and many things were not clear.

For example, why did he have a car accident back then?

He hasn't found the reason yet. According to the police's investigation, it's caused by drunk driving and fatigue driving of a drunk driver.

But the real reason was not this. From the surveillance video and the damage of Cliff's car, they could tell that it was not a simple car accident, but a deliberate murder.

Sitting in the study, Cliff pinched his nose to relax. The book in front of him had been unfolded without turning a page.

"It's late at night, sir. Go back to your room and have a rest!" David knocked on the door and came in.

"After a while."

"You go to sleep first!"

"Sir, don't stay up late, or Madam will worry about you."

"Got it."

Would she be worried?

She had promised him to live here, but she took the children back to the apartment. He couldn't understand her thought from this silent alienation.

He hoped that it was him who overthought. He just hoped that they could make up!

Cliff didn't leave the study until midnight. The darkness of the night lengthened his figure, so lonely and so depressed.

"Master, Cliff and Christina have had a showdown." David stood in front of Henry worriedly.

"Not yet. They just know each other." With a calm expression on his face,

I'm tired. I don't want to see you anymore. Just go back to where you come from,"

Being disliked by his mother, Wade felt helpless and had to touch his nose, the he left.

"Fannie, have I really become a stupid person these years?"

"I love both my children and my husband. Except for the flowers and plants, what else can I care about?"

Only Fannie was willing to listen to Laura. Sometimes, when Laura couldn't figure it out, she would talk to Fannie.

"My lady, don't think about it anymore. You know, sir, who has no other choice, will never do anything sorry to you based on his love for you. What's more, there's Henry here."

As for Wade and Cliff, have they ever let you down? Your daughter is abroad now. Last time she called you, didn't you tell me that she would be back in half a year? "

"As for Sherry, you should listen to Wade and keep away from her. She is a scheming woman."

Fannie told her the truth. She was just a servant at most of the time, and she couldn't tell people about what happened in the Huo family.

However, as long as she chatted with Laura, she would tell her about Sherry inadvertently.

As a matter of fact, the Huo family had a very simple relationship. But due to their respective responsibilities, they were not able to reunite. This might be the annoyance between different able people!

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