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   Chapter 141 Cliff’s Son

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The theme park was completely a heaven for the children. When children came here, they just let go of themselves. They are happy like birds. They can't stop flying here and there.

At that moment, Christina finally realized that even though the children looked so reliable usually, playing with them was so tiring at critical moments!

Christina was so exhausted that she almost fell to the ground.

She sat closer to the children and watched them playing. If there was something wrong, she would be able to rush over as soon as possible.

Although Christina was physically tired, she was very happy in her heart.

She was willing to do everything as long as the kids were happy.

With such a thought, she took good care of the children.

Jack and Allen played one by one, and when they were tired from the game, they took a break beside Christina and then continued to play the game.

Christina felt both funny and annoying. Were the children treating her as a pushover?

"They are really two bad guys!" After she murmured, Christina took the children's clothes and snacks to another playground.

They didn't come to the theme amusement park on the weekend, but there were still a lot of people, and she had dropped the thing several times, which made her like a turtle slowly climb over and pick up things.

When they finally arrived at the destination, Christina let out a heavy breath.

It was not easy!

Christina found a place to sit down and took a look at the children. They were all within her sight and they had made new friends. They had a good time playing together.

"Christina, why are you here?"

All of a sudden, she heard Cliff's voice. Did she get auditory hallucination?

But Christina shook her head firmly. 'No, it couldn't be his voice. Something must be wrong, ' she thought.

"Christina, why don't you answer my question?"

Auditory hallucinations were very

ong wind.

'Since Cliff didn't know who Jack was and Jack treated him as his uncle. There was no need to worry.' She thought.

After such comfort, Christina was in a better mood.

Cliff smiled like a landlady's silly son. The elites who had been waiting had already left.

They could see and hear, but they would not tell others what they saw and heard.

His boss was literally a monster. If his boss wanted someone bankrupt, his company would be gone in a minute! Ordinary people couldn't provoke at all

"Uncle Cliff, why don't you talk to Allen?"

"Uncle Cliff, aren't you Allen daddy?"

Jack leaned his heads to one side, and was good at betraying him at a crucial moment.

Already having some guesses, Christina stood there after hearing what Jack said.

Allen and Jack, are they brothers?

Allen is Cliff's son. So... Allen was her...?

After such a thought came to her mind, Christina was unable to get rid of it.

Was he really her son?

That year, did she really give birth to two children?

She fainted, but she was still conscious. It seemed that, she heard it.

Christina greedily looked at Allen and depicted his face bit by bit.

The more she painted, the more she found that many details were similar to herself.

It was...

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