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   Chapter 133 Younger Brother Was Not Cute

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 5828

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"Who is the man downstairs?"

After following Sherry, this seemingly ordinary man who couldn't be easily offended rarely cared about Sherry's private life, just like an transparent person.

As time went by, Sherry also forgot the man.

But now, after Sherry went back home, this man asked her first question which seemed very abnormal, which made Sherry to be on the alert.

"That's Cliff's brother, Wade. He drove me back just now."

Sherry didn't conceal it and observed the man's expression secretly.

"Don't get in touch with this man again. It's dangerous."

The words were very common, but Sherry knew that it was actually a warning. If she didn't listen to him, there would be a serious consequences waiting for her.

"You can choose not to listen to me. It all depends on you." The man seemed to see through Sherry and he satirized her, which made Sherry realize that she was nothing.

When she was outside, others might respect her or say something nice to please her.

However, everything was a daydream in front of this man. It was fortunate enough that he didn't take her life. She shouldn't have any daydreaming.

"Got it." Sherry nodded.

Those who suit their actions to the time are wise. At this critical moment, she couldn't risk their lives.

"As long as you behave well, you will get what you want. If you don't listen well, the consequences will not be what you want to see."


The short confrontation didn't actually take long, just like the blink of an eye.

However, Sherry was defeated and had no chance to win.

As for this matter happening upstairs, it had nothing to do with Wade.

He wouldn't have known that some of them was on the alert because of him.

'What did he feel l

ristina, it's not moral. Don't you know that your lovely agent has been busy working?"

Meanwhile, Carl was collapsing on the sofa and Christina was siting opposite him.

"If it worked, it wouldn't happen the thing online."

"Carl, take it easy. Don't be bothered by the news on the Internet."

"Carl, those people online are just keyboard men. They do nothing all day. No matter if the results will hurt someone in the end, they are just bluffing."

"Even if we let it go, it will be over in the end, because the man will not be able to keep it, unless he has too much money."

It seemed that what Christina said was reasonable, but after hearing what she said, Carl wanted to beat her.

'Why should I keep her?' he thought.

He would rather beat her to death.

"Brook, do you think it a honor or a disaster for our company to have such an actress?"

Carl asked Brook. Brook looked completely blank. He was really innocent!

Why didn't everyone want to know his true feelings?

"Carl, we don't have to worry about this for the time being. The people behind it are targeting Christina. The situation is the same as what we met last time."

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