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   Chapter 113 Don't Disturb Others In Falling In Love

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Her lips were also soft and warm.

She opened her eyes, but her hands and waist were held.

After a long while, she came back to her senses and realized that she had been kissed by Cliff.


Couldn't he just speak in a polite way?

Why was he kissing her?

"Close your eyes." The touch of the lips was so beautiful, if.

Cliff didn't want to stop. He just wanted to do as his thoughts.

The room was full of ambiguous atmosphere.

"Oh my God! What's going on in there?" Nora's mouth was covered and her eyes were as wide as two bells. She couldn't believe that Cliff would do such a thing?

"Honey, it's a sin to disturb other people's date. Let's leave first and come back later!" A soft laughter came near Nora's ear, but she just wanted to tear the man up.

They were birds of a feather!

worked hand in glove with!

"Woo toot toot..."

The scumbag, why didn't he loosen his dirty hands after he was out of the hospital?

Nora wanted to whine Austin. She was so mad at him now!

"Honey, the more you struggle, the more excited I will be! Don't you know I have some perverted gene in my body? " Eyes of the sea color were full of deep love, but he said something that made people feel disgusted, especially when the corners of his mouths slightly raised. People who did not know him might think he was saying lover's honeyed words.

"Baby, be obedient, so that I can let go of you." Although Austin said so, he didn't cover her mouth all the time.

It was because of Nora, my honey, how dare he compete with her!

Austin still remembered that Nora almost bit his hands off last time.

Austin loved Nora so much that he could tolerate her bad temper?

They were a couple now. What's more, their relationship was really as complicated as puzzle. Other people could not understand.

"Austin, if you really want to die, just tell me. Then I can bury you

appen again, you'd better stay in my house. My security measures are well-known throughout the country..."

The offer offered by Cliff was tempting.

Actually, Christina didn't want to go back to her own residence, because Hess is stay in her house. Although she didn't see Hess these days, Hess will appear if she go home.

She really didn't like the feeling that her life was invaded.

If she could live with Mr. Huo, how about cherry?

She wasn't sure and didn't dare to take the risk.

"Don't worry. I haven't lived there before. It's a newly completed villa area and it hasn't been sold to the outside yet. People lived there have high social status."

"There are many guest rooms there. Don't worry. I won't take advantage of you," he explained slowly

Although he wanted to do that, he wouldn't do that.

Christina thought about it over and over again. Cliff also said a lot of benefits, if she refused him again, things would be awkward.

"Thank you. Then I will stay there temporarily."

"Yes." Cliff was thrilled to hear that. She didn't turn him down.

Having been in a good mood all the way, Cliff drove fast and steadily.

When they arrived at the villa, at the first sight of the villa, Christina fell in love with this place.

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