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   Chapter 111 The Consequence Of Doing Bad Things

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 6511

Updated: 2020-04-21 00:16

With Wade' help, things would get easier.

Whoever did this kind of dirty thing would be unforgettable for her entire life.

There was a sinister smile on Christina's lips. When Carl and Francis came in, they almost thought they had entered the wrong ward. So they went out and in again.

"Wow, how mysterious your smile is!" After thinking for a long time, Francis finally thought of a meaningful word.

"Ha, it is a horrible smile, okay?" Carl immediately exposed her lie.

"No matter how I laugh, it's always more beautiful than your smile. Don't you think so?" How could Carl be mad at Christina! How he wished he could spit out a lot of blood.

"Fine, you can work together to bully me! I'm the only one you can bully. " Carl rolled her eyes.

"Carl, don't be angry. Anger makes people wrinkles. We need to look beautiful. Don't be angry!" Francis consoled.

It made Carl feel worse than not comforting him. How did he grow up safely!

"Fuck off! I don't want to see you anymore!"

"Carl, I need to work, so I have to stay here. You should understand me."

Francis carried the things she brought from the Christina's residence and placed them in the ward.

"Christina, why do you change your ward all of a sudden?" They were informed on the halfway and went to the apartment to get something.

"There are five gadgets in the previous ward. They can keep people's every move in their eyes. Do you think I can still stay there?" Christina didn't intend to hide the truth from Carl and Francis because she wanted to tell them that she was not in a good situation and she also wanted to warn them not to try to cheat on her. She had someone by her side.

Both Carl and Francis were clever enough to understand what she meant, but they didn't contradict her.

They would never do such a disgusting thing. But how could someone did that!

I really don't know who gave birth to such a disgusting man. How could he have such

he twitched her mouth and wanted to cry.

"Tell me what happened exactly." This time, Rachel didn't intend to let her muddle through.

"Mommy, I have someone install some gadgets, which won't be found." Ann said something implicit, but Rachel still understood.

"Ann, you really disappoint me." Rachel said with a sigh.

She had never been so exhausted.

She thought, 'Ann was a clever girl. Why did she always disappoint me at critical moments?'

She was still troubled by Lena.

It was the old generation's resentment. She didn't plan to transfer the resentment to her child, but this child.

"Mommy, what should I do? That bitch, it must be Christina, it must be her, she is too disgusting. " At last, Ann cried out and stammered as she held Rachel's hand.

"I can figure out a way to help you deal with this matter, but you have to be well behaved from now on. If you make any trouble again, I won't let you off." Rachel decided to help her in the end.

Meanwhile, Rachel had made up her mind to stop her daughter from being so delicate. She would learn to grow up.

"Okay, thank you, Mommy. I will never do that again." Ann nodded tearfully.

The door was not fully closed. There was a figure standing just now, a faint light flashed by and then the figure disappeared.

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