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   Chapter 46 Men's Sacrifice

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"What makes you say that?"

"I don't know about that. I only know that if some people want to survive in this industry, they must make some difficult decisions. Mr. Li, do you think so? " Mr. Wang glared at her, shivered, and then questioned her angrily.

Everybody who knew about the entertainment industry knew that if one wanted to achieve something, he or she had to pay the price, because the price was related to his or her gain.

Christina had been in this industry abroad before, which meant she was familiar with these hidden rules, so when Mr. Wang said something that implied something, she just stood aside silently, as if she was not the one being said.

"Mr. Wang, my girl is thoughtless. Please don't mind. Let me have a drink with you. " With a glass of wine in his hand, Carl smiled and walked up to Mr. Wang and gently pushed him.

"Carl, the golden agent, would give me the honor to drink with me. How can I say no to that? "

"Of course, I will drink it now." Mr. Wang drank up the wine straight as a favor and looked at Carl with a lascivious smile.

Shit! Both men and women? This fat pig.

He felt he had suffered a great loss by sacrificing himself for Christina.

After getting rid of this fat pig, he would definitely ask Christina for compensation.

No matter how much he wanted to kick that fat ass, the charming smile on Carl's face was just like blossoming flowers.

Mr. Wang enjoyed this, because Carl was a well-known beautiful man. He didn't forget Carl's type after he tried it with men at a certain time.

"Carl will take care of him. We are leaving now. " Brook gently pulled Christina, who immediately left the dangerous situation with him.

'Did they just abandon him like that?

You are so inhuman! You don't deserve my sacrifice! '

On the second floor of the royal banquet, a wood window on the private box was opened a crack, and a figure was standing there still.

Behind him, three outstanding men and a scornful woman were sitting there, quarreling fiercely.

All of these seemed to have noth

ntertainment industries, especially for someone like Mr. Wang, that would be heaven!

"Bring him in."

After a short silence, it was Brook who spoke.

Following the waiter, a young man came in. He was even more gentle and beautiful than a woman. He had Bunny eyes, cherry lips, pink skin and face the size of a palm. He looked delicate and touching.

The young man had short hair and it barely covered his eyes. They were so attracting as if wanted to say more.

Not to mention the way he walked, which was so alluring, even for a woman.

"Hello, my name is Sue, pleasure to meet you all. " His voice was as soft as his name, scratching people's hearts like kittens.

"Hey, who's this pretty boy? Your skin looks really soft! "

Christina was no longer Lena who she used to be. She knew how to take control of a conversation.

Just like now, she gently raised the boy's jaw and made him look at her with his rabbit-like eyes.

"Look at this clear and pitiful bunny, who sent you to this wolf's den?" She called him bunny, couldn't tell if the tone was more like an intimate lover or a loving sister.

"I..." The boy had a pair of red rabbit eyes and slightly he opened his small cherry lips.

"Shh, don't say that." She pointed at the corner of the boy's mouth slightly, and the enchanting woman smiled gracefully.

"Yes." The young boy nodded his head.

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