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   Chapter 43 To Meet But Not Be Acquainted

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Three years later.

The airport of Simpson city was packed with people.

A figure of the passengers in a hurry was particularly eye-catching. Looking at her more, people couldn't think of who she was, but they felt familiar by instinct.

In the three years, she finally came back, for one thousand days.

Looking at the familiar sky, Lena felt a shiver in her eyes but she didn't cry. Finally, she stared straight ahead and took her first step.

She had come back. She knew that someone had to pay off his or her debts no matter how long it was past, or else he or she would forget what he or she had done.

It was the new Lena who returned, not the same person as yesterday.

Or, she shouldn't be called Lena right now. She should be called Christina.

Three years ago, she was forced to go to a different country with only a baby by her side.

The plane took off safe. But when everyone thought they could reach the other side of the continent after more than ten hours, there was something wrong, and finally the plane crashed.

She and her baby were lucky enough to survive, but it also left a hidden trouble in her body for the rest of her life.

Now she was about to stand in front of her former relatives and friends, would they recognize her?

What was ridiculous was that as time went by, it could take away a lot of things while it could keep a lot of things still.

'Lena? No! Christina! '

She put on the sunglasses again and walked alone in the airport as if she were walking on the red carpet.

The moment she walked out of the airport, the bright sunshine fell on her, making her feel warm and comfortable.

She sighed and looked around for the car to pick her up.

It can't be true!

The first day she got back to her motherland, the car that was supposed to pick her up was late?

Is the road of the Huaxia country packed with so many cars?

She made up a random guess in her mind, with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth.

When a beauty smiled, she was always so charming.

A man, who was wearing suit, tie and leather shoes, walked over to her. His face was as cold as ice.

Her heart was beating fast. When the man was about to walk past her, she raised her head and looked right into h

e so funny, Christina. Countless people in this country have learnt how to climb over the wall just to have a look at you. " When Francis knew that she was going to be Christina's life assistant, she collected information about everything.

When she entered a fan website and saw what was going there, she felt that her heart was about to suffocate.

The fans of H country were crazy, but no one had ever thought that they would be that crazy. They were completely out of their minds!

Currently, the company had not announced to the public that they had already signed contract with Christina. Therefore, a scene of fans acting crazy in real life hadn't happened.

Well, at least that's something worth celebrating.

"Francis, I'll call you Fran! Drive me to where I live first. I want to have a rest. As for the company, I will go tomorrow. "


Francis was a woman of action. She took action as soon as Christina told her.

Since the CCH company had spent so much to get Christina, it's not hard to imagine that they offered her the best recourses in all perspectives.

No ordinary people could live here.

She was quite satisfied with her place. It seemed that the CCH people had done a pretty great job.

Christina always paid great attention in her own private space. She simply told Francis that she couldn't go in the study and bedroom, and could go to other places.

As soon as Francis left, Christina lay down on the high end bed and closed her eyes to rest for a while.

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