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   Chapter 41 Bark Like A Dog

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Updated: 2020-03-29 00:04

One, two, three...

Countless footprints were pulled, and two lines of muddy marks were pulled open in front of her.

The first step was difficult, but the next step was smooth. Even when she was surrounded by a crowd of people, her mood was as calm as water without any ups and downs.

Now that everything had happened, there was no need for her to struggle, was there?

Why not just lie down and let destiny run over her?

Ann was already waiting at the gate, the bright light fell on her body, it's like a world Lena didn't belong.

She was familiar with the people behind Ann, the servants as well as her mother, father, sisters and younger brother.

Seeing these people against the light, Lena was numb.

However, it still hurt so much that she couldn't breathe.

"Mommy, look! Doesn't she look like a street dog? "

Their mother, Rachel Qin, was in a cheongsam. She stepped out of the corridor in a graceful manner. Seeing her mother, Ann immediately acted like a spoiled child, holding her mom's hand.

"Mommy, look!" She reached out her white, soft hand and showed her red palm.

Rachel's heart broke when she saw the scene. She gently rubbed her daughter's hands which hadn't lifted anything heavy since she was a child.

"Annie, don't do it by yourself next time. You see, Mommy's heart aches for you. "

"Mommy, I will never do that again." She indulged herself in Rachel's arms and promised in a sweet voice.

"Annie, take good care of yourself, okay? If such things happen again in the future, just let the servants do it. "

"Nancy, did you hear that?"

Rachel's carefully painted face looked back casually. Seeing that, Nancy's face turned to pale as she became nervous and took a step back.

"Mrs. Qin" Nancy inquired.

"Nancy?" Rachel said in a sharp voice. She narrowed her eyes and smiled with endless charm.

"Mommy, I think Nancy will surely do it, or she will replace Lena's position!"

An innocent smile appeared on Ann's face. But in Nancy's eyes, Ann was like

alked gracefully to the back of Lena, wearing a devilish look, trimmed her fingers with finely polished nail, and combed Lena's scalp with her hair. "Go on. " she said.

Lena was forced to raise her head and looked into Ann's eyes.

She was like a prisoner, sentenced to death, waiting for the time to come.

Her heart was bleeding and the flesh on her body was dug out. Yet her face became more and more bright.

"Yes! I need the money. Better if there are so much that I can't count. I can sleep on it. "

"Ann, thank you so much for helping me. When I get through this, I'll go to your house to thank you! "

"Are you threatening me?" Flames were burning in Ann's eyes. Her anger was about to fall with her rising hand.

"Annie, you don't have to do it yourself since Nancy is going to do it."

"Annie, come to Mommy. Mommy is tired. Let's go inside. "

"Look at you. You've made yourself as dirty as a dirty kitten. Let's go and wash."

Rachel fixed her eyes on what happened. She didn't show the slightest trace of worry on her face. She couldn't have treated Lena and Ann more differently even though they were both her own daughters.

"Mommy, I know."

"Now that's my good girl." With a doting smile, she reached out her hand to Ann.

The mother and daughter walked in hand in hand. The drama was about to come to an end.

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