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   Chapter 40 you are as dirty as a dog

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 6700

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In the heavy rain, a thin figure was kneeling on the muddy ground.

The word awkwardness was not enough to describe the figure. A very lovely girl in a pink lace dress and an umbrella stood one centimeter away from him.

Although the rain curtain had covered everyone's face, the loud sound of snapping was still heard.

The one who was beaten was the person kneeling in the rain, and the one who was slapping was the very lovely girl.

One slap after another hit on her face. Her pale delicate face was twisted and dreadful. The five swollen fingerprints were crisscrossed on her face.

The person who was beaten didn't make a sound. Even if her voice was weaker than that of a cat, it was covered by heavy rain and loud slapping noise.

Her hair fell down and clung to her cheek. No one could see what she looked like.

"My dear sister, why do you come back today?"

"Oh, I almost forget that you are not back to visit your family, but to ask for help."

"My dear sister, do you think the Mu family will be your backup?"

" You are nothing but a deserted woman, or maybe even less, how do you think you deserve our help? How? " Like a young girl who had just risen from hell, gritting her teeth, her soft voice was full of endless gloom.

In particular, the girl rubbed her palm and asked with a teasing tone, "My dear sister, can you bear the pain of slapping for five times? Don't you think it is actually very wonderful? "

A face of an angel, and a soul of a demon.

This young girl was her little sister. They had the same father and mother. It was unknown to Lena when the two of them had become complete strangers and even worse?

She also didn't know why her parents didn't let her in and why they wanted to have nothing to do with her?

Everything was like a thunderbolt in a sunny day, which cut her into pieces.

In the heavy rain, Lena turned her face back with a smile, the blood in the corners of her mouth lifted and she looked right into her sister

lms. She choked with the blood in her throat. The blood was a constant reminder to her. Reality didn't allow her to be proud, nor to give in to her dignity.

For herself and for the baby to have a good future, she must, must... Make a choice.

It was not easy to make a choice. Only she knew how much pain she had suffered.

She had only herself to blame for the mess she had made.

Rain, tears and soil mixed together, made her cry and laugh silently.

Cliff, Cliff...

"Have you thought it through?"

"My dear sister, time is limited. You have no time to waste. Ten million! Do you understand?"

While enjoying the process of torment, Ann would not forget to continue to crush her pride. She had to watch that her sister's straight spine bent down like that until she could no longer stand up straight.

"Ann, I am your sister."

The sound of her tears of blood and her swallowing.

"You are just one of my sisters. Without you there are still two of them! "

"Well, well, well, I see."

It was useless to struggle, right?

She had put down everything. As long as she could protect her baby, it was worth it.

At this moment, the old Lena slowly died.

"Lena, ten million dollars. That's much more than you deserve. Hurry up! "

Urged Ann while releasing her foot from Lena's body.


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