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   Chapter 33 Destroy It If You Can't Get It

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'Wow, what a thrilling life! I've been through too much recently!' thought Hiram.

Hiram wanted to take photos of this scene with the shooting tools if he had some on him.

"Hiram, are you telling the truth?" Nora's eyes were wide open and apparently she was attracted by the scene described by Hiram.

"How could it be false?"

Besides, it's a matter of life and reputation. I won't lie about this. " He showed the wound on his hand to prove that he was telling the truth.

"No, I wasn't suspecting. It's just too exciting, like a movie! " Nora shook her hand immediately.

"Wow, it's better than a movie," Hiram hummed proudly.

"Yes, yes, it's better than a movie." Nora felt deeply ashamed.

After hearing her words, Hiram had the interest to continue. They got together and said that happily.

Seeing them, Lena could do nothing but shake her head helplessly.

She had no doubt about what Hiram said. He didn't have to lie to gain other people's concern about him.

Then, was those people mentioned by Hiram also sent by Sherry?

If Sherry was also involved, she must be crazy!

Sometimes she acted gentle and considerate, while other times she was vicious and cruel. The more she thought about it, the more she felt frightened.

"Hiram, are they doing this to get the Huo's secret files?" Lena almost immediately found out the key.

The real reason why Hiram was blocked was that he wanted to help deliver the documents. That was to say, their real target was the Huo Company.

"Yes." He took time to look back and nodded his head.

"So, so..."

"Does Cliff know about this?" After hesitating for a while, she asked, staring at Hiram without blinking.

"He knows. Everything is under his control. "

No matter what happened, Cliff Huo could always find out immediately as long as he wanted to. In addition, considering that Austin, Jacob and Hiram were there to help him, he believed that there was nothing they could hide from him in Simpson city.

"Will they be in danger?"

"Don't worry. It won't be dangerous. It's those who planned these who should be worried. " Hiram smiled viciously.

"Okay, but still, please be careful. Don't push y

Don't let her down!

After Sherry left, Lena did not move, and the envelope was quietly lying on the bedside table.

Sherry's visit clearly meant no good, nor would anything good be left by her.

But Sherry told her that the stuff inside the envelope had something to do with Cliff and his past.

Although they grew up together, Cliff was a few years older than her.

She used to think of him as her brother, so she didn't care too much about him.

But things were different now. She would like to know everything about him, even a little bit more.

What on earth was in the envelope?

Could it be that he had a past that she didn't know?

It felt like ants were biting in her heart. Her fingers moved slightly. She was eager to touch the envelope and know what was in it.

Her senses told her not to look at it because many unpredictable things would happen after she saw it.

Should she watch it or not?

She was struggling inside.

After struggling and thinking, her feelings finally defeated her reason.

She stretched her hand to the envelope. It was thin, so there shouldn't be much inside.

The intuition told her that it might be some photos or something like that.

When she opened it, there was a photo just like she predicted.

It was Cliff only ten years younger, wearing his graduation uniform. The boy in the picture was young and handsome. He had a big smile on his face.

There was a girl next to him.

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