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   Chapter 31 black heart lotus

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"Don't worry, Cliff, I won't run away from what I have done no matter what happens. If you need my help, feel free to call me. "

"I got to go, Lena,"

Sherry didn't stay there anymore. She left after saying goodbye to everyone.

After that, she left the room without any hesitation. Nora was so angry that she couldn't find the right place to vent her anger. At the same time, Lena became more silent and the rest of them were a little embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

"Can you guys go out for a minute? I want to have a talk with Nora. " Lena turned to look at Cliff.

After a short pause, he turned around and left the room.

The door was closed. Nora sat on the edge of the bed.

"Lena, I know it must be Sherry who did this to you. Are you sad? " Nora was the one who knew Lena best. She felt sorry for her when she saw her going through all this.

"Nora, I'm okay." Lena stated with a smile.

"Lena, have you ever thought about what to do?" Nora asked, she got plans one after another.

"Not yet." Shaking her head, she shook her head to deny it.

Lena never pretended to be innocent in front of Nora. She would not hide anything from her unless she could not tell her.

"Lena, this time just leave me to handle it. I'll make the bitch pay for this! "

"Lena, don't be soft on her. It was all the bitch's fault. Your baby was almost gone, and you..."

When the doctor announced the result of the examination, Nora was so sad that she wished she could go to the hospital to take Lena's place and killed Cliff for putting Lena in danger.

Fortunately, Lena finally came through and the baby was fine.

"I will never be softhearted again." She lowered her eyes and no one could see what was going on inside. She gently touched her belly.

The baby was eight months old and would come out of her womb in one more month.

She must be extra careful at this critical moment.

She didn't offend anyone, but bad things always came to her.

Is she really weak?

If someone really want to be Mrs. Huo that bad, they shall earn that place and play the game fair and squire. What's with all these nasty moves behind her back?

"That's right. Lena, we can't be bullied by ot

ed his glasses up his nose and said.

Wow, his friends are all abnormal. It seems that he is the weakest one!

Even in a place where nobody could see his five fingers under the black rumble, there was a noisy sound like a rat rustling.

Suddenly, the clatter of heels echoed in the dark. Then it was ignited. Everything around seemed to gradually appear in the dispersed darkness.

It was an old factory building in the middle of a deserted area. It was hard to imagine how anyone was like to stay here.

"What do you want from me?" A voice asked, it was hard to tell whether it belongs to a male or a female.

"Ghost fire, there is a business. Are you interested in it?" A cruel, merciless voice came from nowhere and before their eyes.

"Are you playing tricks now?"

"Tell me!"

Ghost fire didn't even frown. Instead, they lit a cigarette between their fingers.

"The Huo Company has an important document to be sent to the branch of the ZX road tomorrow. Can you bring it to me?"

"You want me to go out just for a file?"

"What's wrong with you, spirit? Are you crazy? Or do you think I've been idle lately? "

"Do you want to do it or not? Ten million. "

"Okay, after I got the documents. Are we still here? "


"Hey, do you like the little gift about Lena?"

"Ghost fire, are you sure that is a gift? Not trouble? "

"Why didn't you just kill her?"

"Sure enough, you've also missed something, and she and her baby are both fine."

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