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   Chapter 30 The Alibi

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"Nora, can you please calm down?"

"You've grown up. Why are you still so impulsive when you intend to do something? "

"Austin, I know you always have some problems with me. But why do you stop me again and again? What do you mean by that? "

He thought he was patient enough with Nora, but why did nobody understand it?

"Nora, I told you, even if you hate me, come back and stay inside."

"Nora, don't you know what you can do and what you can't?"

His face fell.

"Austin, I don't need you and your lectures. You don't have to tell me what to do. " Nora hated Austin so much.

Recently, no matter what she did, it was tacitly agreed.

"Get in now, or you'll regret it. It's really rude of you to challenge my patience over and over again. It's a very limited. "

"Okay, I'll go in. Austin, I'll go in. " Nora gritted her teeth and looked at Austin in silence.

"Austin, I'm going in now!" Nora went back to her room, crying.

Her parents were not at home, left her alone with Austin, the housekeeper, the servants and the driver. She didn't know whom to talk about her grievances.

She lay prone on the soft bed, face completely burying in the quilt.

Impetuous, impetuous, this was her recent behavior.

She just couldn't control herself at all. Because of impulse, she argued with Austin again and again, and the verbal battle between them inevitably increased.

"Why should I cry?" Nora asked herself in a low voice. She seldom cried before, but recently, tears rushed out of her eyes like water.

"Stop crying, Nora. Stop crying. " She comforted herself in a soft voice and gradually calmed down.

"Austin Lin, that stupid, nasty and vicious man. No wonder he couldn't find a girlfriend. No wonder he has to be a playboy. He is disgusting like a dog shit. " Nora murmured.

The video which recorded Nora's room and her self whispers were all monitored closely by Austin sitting in the study for a while.

"Nora, do you hate me that much? Don't I stand a chance at all? '

"Nora, if I don't have a chance, I will create one. I was captivated by you the first time I met you. You are my poison, my antidote. I can't bear to part with you anymore '

"Nora, no matter how much you hate me, I will never let you go, unless I die. '

No matter what had happened between them, Sophie and Gregorio just kept silent for a while. Now they were so close to each other that they could contact each other very soon.

"She's trembling!"

"Jacob, don't you think they are going to fight?" Hiram was a brilliant playboy who would make jokes under any circumstances. He and Jacob were acting like a pair of doorkeepers in the hospital corridor, and the two people in the ward were having a private talk.

Hiram was about to stay inside and listen to the doctor, but Jacob stopped him. He said that if he listened to the couple talk too much, he would have become blind.

He had no choice but to come out.

"What fighting?" Jacob was not as humorous as Hiram, but after getting along with each other for a long time, he knew who Hiram was talking about.

"Come on. Don't pretend to be innocent. Soldiers are here." He winked at Jacob.

"Hiram, if you keep on like this, I estimate that you will die for

that one day."

"All right, all right. I will not make jokes. Can I just watch for fun? "

Hiram immediately shut up. He knew when to be the funny guy and when to shut up. That's what made him funny but not stupid.

She was very complacent and cocky, with her tail sticking out like a cockroach.

"Oh, look at that. Do you see who's coming? " In high heels and carrying a lot of presents in hand, the lady looked like a lady. Hiram thought he should have guessed Sherry was coming. Who else could it be?

Sherry was also Hiram's classmate, but they didn't have a deep relationship. In his impression, she shouldn't have been on good terms with Cliff either.

Women are such strange creatures. You never know what she is thinking and what she wants to do.

"Hi, Hiram." Sherry smiled at him and greeted him in an intimate way.


"Sherry, look at you coming to the hospital with so many bags. Whom are you here to visit? " Hiram asked as if he did not know the answer already.

Without feeling any embarrassment, Sherry answered, "I heard that Lena is in hospital, so I come here to visit her. "

"I've heard about what happened to her. The police asked me to do a statement. I didn't expect that my lost cell phone would be used to do such a harmful thing. I'm very scared just thinking about it. "

Sherry patted her chest and said sincerely, "I don't ask for Lena's forgiveness. I just want Lena to listen to my explanation. "

Hiram laughed and continued, "Sherry, what do you say I help you carry these bags in. You don't need to bring so many gifts. Were you trying to move the supermarket away? "

Hiram joked and chatted with cherry.

"Hey guys! Check who is coming! " Hiram brought Sherry in with him, with his self-acting reminder.

Nora and Austin entered the room first, and the four were talking at the moment. When Hiram and Sherry came in, eight eyes gathered together.

"What are you doing here? You are not welcome here. " Pulling a long face, Selina quickly walked in front of cherry and dragged her out.

"Miss... Miss. Lin, we can have a talk. Is there any misunderstanding between us?" Sherry was confused and didn't know what to do when she faced Nora who was clearly being unreasonable.

"Misunderstood you?" Nora smiled coldly.

"I will misunderstand anyone but you. Are you really that shameless? " Nora really wanted to spit on Sherry's delicate face with makeup.

"Miss Nora, can you let go of me first?"

"If you came for the matter related to Lena, I can explain it. And I can provide you with the video to prove that I didn't do it." She had tried her best to prove her innocence.

When the accident happened to Lena, she applied for a job in the Huo Company, so the surveillance video showed that she hadn't left the Huo Company that day.

She didn't know if other people would understand her bitterness, but if she showed the evidence that she wasn't present, they couldn't do anything to her.

After seeing the video, Nora gnashed her teeth with hatred.

"Cliff Huo, look at your sweet friend here, she really destroyed your wife." She said out loud in front of everyone.

"Nora, come here." At the thought of this, Lena was moved and felt sorry for herself.

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