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   Chapter 29 The Paradise Hospital

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With the thick blanket and warm embrace, her body was stiff still, her consciousness had already been dispersed.

Who is it?

Who was calling her?

Her body and limbs were tied up by the dark shackles and thick chains. She couldn't open her eyes or move her body, and even the sound of whimpering was suppressed deep in her throat.

"I say we'd better send her to the hospital as soon as possible. Cliff, you hold her, nice and gentle. "

All of them had a serious look on their faces. None of them dared to think about what would happen next. They didn't know how to comfort Cliff either. It was all up to God.

"Cliff, try your best to talk to her, talk to her as much as you can..."

Her frail eyelids, his blurry face, and the outline of his was just like her memory, however, it felt very far, far away.

Was she going to die?

So she could see his face before she died?

Baby, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

That you have to leave this world with mommy before you see the world.

Baby, I'm sorry.


Lena called him in a low voice.

"Are... Are you coming to see us off?"

Cliff's thrilling heart sank down when he understood what Lena was talking. Her voice was as cold as ice.

"Lena, don't be silly, what are you talking about? You and our baby are both fine. Don't talk nonsense. We will arrive at the hospital soon. You can't sleep. You can't fall asleep! "

What was he talking about?

Was he saying goodbye to her?

She was so tired...

Her feeble eyelids slowly dropped.

She looked at him in a trance, full of attachment and love that she did not know.

"Thank, thank you, thank you, dear Cliff."

"I... I... I'm so tired. I want to sleep now. "

After saying this, the eyelids that were slightly raised also became totally estranged.

With his hands shaking, Cliff almost couldn't hold her.


The exhausted and wounded lion finally broke out with sorrow.

The white ceiling, the sky blue window, the gauze curtain, the sofa and the bunch of lily with a light smell of disinfectant floating in the air.

With her eyes wide open, Lena couldn't bare the strong lights and closed her eyes for a while before she could finally bear the light.

Where is this?

In the paradise hospital?

Such a familiar scene, she seemed to have met before.

Yes, it was when she was pregnant.

This should be the ward. What the hell was she doing?

"Lena, are you awake?" The sleeping Nora covered her head with her hands, so she didn't find out when Lena woke up.

Nora was so tired that she fell asleep. Now, her hand was numb.

These days, they took turns to the hospital to take care of Lena. She didn't expect that she was lucky enough to see Lena wake up today. This almost made Nora jump for joy. She shouted excitedly.

It had been ten days since what had happened and Lena had been in a coma for ten days. They didn't know how they spent the past ten days, either. Especially Cliff, he was acting like a walking dead.

In the meantime, they not only kept a watch on Lena, but also looked for the person who had set her up.

Lena's phone was frozen in the frozen warehouse, and it was not fixed well. Later on, they went to the business hall to do some investigations, and to their surprises, her last phone number was to Sherry.

This woman, more or less, Nora knew about her, and that she liked Mr.


When Nora got the number, she went to confront Sherry immediately.

When they found Sherry, she said that her phone had been lost a week ago. She had changed her phone and applied for a new card. She didn't know that her lost phone could still be used, and even worse, someone would do such a vicious thing in the name of her.

Nora was so angry that she wanted to pounce on Sherry and tear her apart. Did she think that story could make her get away with all this? 'Do you think that making a story up as an alibi could prove your innocence? '

Nora hated those two faced women the most. They may look pretty but their souls were ugly.

Nora was so angry that she wanted to tear someone apart, which of course Austin wouldn't allow, which made Nora even more angry.

The clue seemed to be broken again.

But in her heart, Nora knew it must be Sherry. Sherry was a very cunning woman and she must have hurt Lena like that. Why didn't others trust her?

Then, Nora found herself an opportunity to vent her anger on Cliff Huo, from where Lena's suffering came.

Now, seeing Lena wake up, Nora could not help but burst into tears.

"Lena, Lena, Lena..." Nora gently rushed over and hugged Lena.

"You're a horrible person! I'm so worried about you, you have no idea! " Nora cried and laughed as she tapped on Lena's shoulder.

It was all real.

Nora was telling the truth. Her tears were salty and her heart beat fast.

'I am not dead! I really am not dead! Great! Great! '

"Lena, if you keep sleeping like this, I'll get you a big speaker and call your names three times a day."

"Lena, don't frighten us anymore, okay?" Nora was very bold, but after this incident, she didn't want to experience anything like this at all, it was too terrifying.

After Nora finished her rambling on for a while, Lena listened to her quietly with a soft smile on her face.

When Nora was tired and Cliff came, she could only glare at him before leaving.

"Dear Cliff." Lena called him softly.

Lena hadn't smiled like that for a very long time. But this smile was both sour and sweet, making people feel indescribable.

It gnawed on his heart, which was hard to give up and wanted to have at the same time.


"I'm right here, cliff," Nora didn't tell Terence more details. But Lena knew what happened next.

What happened to her had something to do with Sherry, even if she didn't do it herself. At this moment, Lena could tell that Sherry was a crazy woman. She looked like a classic beauty, and people may think that she was as pure and pure as if she were in the depth of the mountain, not getting any attention. But that's not true.

"Lena, it's all my fault. I put you in such a dangerous situation. Nora was right. Every time you get hurt, it's all my fault. I didn't protect you well. "

"Lena, I'm sorry."

"Don't blame yourself, Cliff. I'm fine. Don't worry. "

She felt awful when she heard his self accusation.

If there was someone who had offended her, it must be Sherry.

"Lena, can you tell me what kind of message you have received?" Actually, he really hoped that he could keep her company now.

But he couldn't sleep or eat well as long as there was potential danger.

"It was more like an appointment..." Lena thought for a while and repeated the content of the short message, alongside with where she was when it was time to wait.

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