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   Chapter 28 The Restless Lion

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In fact, the life of Lena's could be described as very comfortable at this moment, without any trouble, and there was no need to look for trouble.

But there were always some people who don't want to let you go. No matter what they do, they want you to know something.

Lena had been taking offence of the abduction and the wound on Cliff's neck in the past few days, which caused her to keep watch on him. She was also concerned about his trip, and kept checking his information even during her meals.

As a result, she got to know some unusual news in the first place.

Being dejected, she got up from the bed and walked barefoot on the carpet.

She walked to the window. The glass reflected a pale face, looking confused.

Sherry Mu! Sherry Mu! What the hell was she calling for?

She didn't want to talk to Sherry, who was always able to get out of nowhere and wander around.

At last, Lena decided to have a look.

However, she would never expect how this trip ends, and she would regret it for the rest of her life.

When Lena arrived at the appointed place, she didn't see Sherry Mu. She was blowing in the cold wind for half an hour and made several calls, but none of them was answered. What's worse, Sherry even directly turned off her phone.

At the thought of being fooled, Lena felt she was so stupid. Then she decided not to wait for her but to go home.

Since the time she appointed with the driver hasn't cme yet, and the driver happened to have something to deal with, she intended to go to the next intersection to take a taxi.

When she passed a corner, she heard the car wheel grinding behind her. Subsequently, she lost consciousness.

In a place filled with coldness, Lena woke up.

White gas was everywhere. The coldness as if she were in the North Pole continuously surrounded her body. Her thin coat couldn't resist the cold at all, and her body temperature was getting lower and lower. She began to lose her consciousness which she barely gained.

It was a frozen warehouse. She couldn't fall asleep like this. What if her babies were killed if she slept there?

Did Sherry want to kill her?

Did she do it on earth?

No one could be there to answer her. She trembled and moved to the shelf next to the wall where there were packaged foods, including biscuit, pickled ham, and pickles.

Lena's eyes lit up and she knew she could replenish herself with the energy she needed.

She tore up all the food packages she could eat and began to eat like crazy.

There would always be time for the food to all be eaten, but the temperature would not decrease.

At last, Lena stopped stuffing food into her mouth, and her sense of forcing herself to hold on became weaker and weaker. She was trembling all over.

Would this be the end her and the baby's lives?

The last image left in her mind was the image of Cliff.

She, might have already fallen in love with him...

They hadn't gone through spring, summer fall and winter, nor had they gone to the last row of the cinema to see a movie with the scent of popcorns between them. They hadn't spent a valentine's day together, there were so many things they hadn't done yet.

God, wouldn't you approve such a pitiful request?

"I applied for the job in your company, Cliff, and I hope you can give me more advice in the future,"

Wearing an elegant smile and a fit of business suit, Sherry stood in front of Cliff Huo and stretched out her slender fingers.

He didn't raise his head until a while later.

"You have a better choice

. Why did you come here?"

"Mr. Huo, I believe you will gain more if you go through different experiences," She had told the story in an elegant and clear way with ease.

"Really?" "Your work starts next week, you can go back now. " he added.


Sherry started to go out without hesitation.

'there's a long way ahead of me since I successfully entered the Huo group, ' he thought.

The phone suddenly rang like crazy. Somehow it reminded Cliff of Lena. He looked at the screen and answered it.

Sherry had not yet walked out, and she slowed down as she heard the name "Lena".

"What did you say, Ms. Xu? " Mr. Huo's heart skipped a beat and grabbed his phone tightly.

On the other side of the phone, Ms. Xu said anxiously, "Sir, Lena is missing. The driver has not got her, and we can't find her anywhere. Did she contact you? "

"When did it happen?" He jumped to his feet, grabbed his phone and darted towards the door.

"An hour ago..."

At this moment, Sherry had already left.

He looked everywhere, but still couldn't find Lena. Like a desperate lion, he might pounce on someone and bite them to death any minute.

"Calm down, Cliff! We're looking for her! We're not done here! "

Cliff's friends who had received the news came over, even Nora followed here.

Among them, the calmest one was the top lawyer - Jacob Xiao. He pushed up his glasses, looked at the shops on the street with a bland smile on his face.

"Jacob, tell me, where is she?" Hiram was the most impatient and came over to ask Jacob.

"Over there." Jacob said straightforwardly.

"Then Let's go and find her." As soon as he go a direction, Hiram dashed towards the door without checking whether it's the right one.

But Cliff was even faster.

This area was where Lena disappeared. They had found the car which had been kidnapped. There was no one on the car, nor any trace of struggle. This meant that the people in the car were still not taken away from nearby.

The searching process went on again.

Nora was so sad that she couldn't hold back her tears. Others were not much better than her either.

The lion on the edge of collapse had its eyes full of blood, revealing his sharp tusks in the dark night.

Where on earth was she?

Where was she?

Cliff pounded the wall with all his strength. His bones were smashed, bleeding.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

"Cliff, Cliff..."

On the way behind them, Austin was out of breath after a long run. His face, which he paid great attention to most at ordinary times, became disheveled now.

"Austin, is there any news about Lena? I know there are some good news! Right? "

"Austin, come on, tell us..."

The crying bunny suddenly rushed to Austin. Thank god that he stopped in time so he didn't knock her down.

"Watch out, Jesus!" Austin helped her up.

"Tell me, is there any news?"

"What are you doing? Come on! Just tell me already! "

Everyone's eyes were focused on Austin. He suddenly felt great pressure.

"Where is she?"

Cliff walked towards Austin, his voice hoarse.

"There is a restaurant in front, and there is a frozen cellar in the residential area. I heard that someone went there with a pregnant woman in the afternoon..."

His words left the ward as a gust of wind blew over. It was Cliff running towards the direction.

"Lena, wake up!"

"Lena, wake up. Don't sleep. Wake up..."

"Lena, waah... Waah If you die like this, I will not forgive you even if I become a ghost one day. "

"Rosy, I'm your dear brother! Wake up!"

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