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   Chapter 21 The Head Of The Blood Wolf Team

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"Oh my God! Cliff, are you trying to kill me! How could you be so cruel to me? I just came here to have fun, how could you be so cruel to me? "

"I'm telling you, Cliff! Not the face! How dare you! "

Clutching his face, Hiram was running around like a monkey, which made people laugh a lot.

"You are all bastards! How could you do this to me? "

"You bastards! Come and help me! I'm going to be beaten to death. You are all inhuman! "

"You're the one who started all this, little girl. Now come on! Help me explain all this! If I was beaten to death, I would go to your house tonight as a ghost! You can talk to me then. Are you happy with that? "

At first, Macy had some sympathy for Hiram and didn't want to see that scene. But she chose ignore Hiram in the end because of what he said at last.

Although she didn't know much about Hiram, she was familiar with his kind which everyone could run into in their lives, maybe with a sense of shameless though.

"Save your face first!"

"Argh Rotten luck! "

No one could compare with Hiram when he was so humble!

After hearing what Hiram said, Lena began to realize that he was a naughty boy. He would make a fool of himself if no one was there to slap him every day.

The Huo family was in a turmoil.

The situation in the Lin family was different. After brought back by Austin, Nora and he had a cold war.

Nora didn't like it at all when Austin was taking control over her. She didn't think she had any freedom. She thought as an adult she she should've be treated that way and she should have some of her own time and space..

At the moment, they had reached an impasse.

Their situations were seen clearly by Nora's parents and they would not say anything. Both of them are seen as their own children. No matter which one got hurt they would feel painful as well, so they chose to let go and stay out of it.

It could be said that the parents of Lin family were really very cautious!

"That bitch, Austin is so mean. Why should he take control of me! Why would he! Does he hate me or something? "

"Murphy, that bitch."

"Bitch, bitch, bitch..."

"Murphy, you'd better not show up in front of me any more. Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson,"

"Murphy, you are just my brother. Why do you meddle in my business?"

"Austin, we could not interfere with each other. Why do you treat me like this? "

In her room, Nora kept muttering to herself. In fact, she was not a fool. Sometimes, she was a even smart girl. She knew many things, but she pretended not to know.

"Austin Lin, what on earth do you want to do? If there's something going on can't you just tell me? " The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She almost burst into tears.

"Austin, don't do this to me, okay?"

She didn't remember when she fell asleep, her face full of tears.

Austin had the monitor in his room where he could see Nora's room and hear her talking. Sometimes, he felt that he had been so humble

But what could he do if he really couldn't control his heart?

He had already given himself a chance to leave, but he still thought about it after he left. He didn't know

what to do. He didn't want to leave, but he would feel very uncomfortable. Because love without getting a response is painful, and he didn't know who to talk to.

Even to his best friends, he didn't say anything because there were some things they couldn't help, he was on his own on this.

Austin sat in his room, watching the person on the other end of the video.

They were hurting each other there.

"Nora, what should I do?"

"Nora, actually I didn't want to do that. Can you give me a chance? "

"So that I can know you better?"

"Nora, do you know that I can risk losing everything for you, even my life. Can you give me a chance? " Nora…

The video was switched off, and he was unable to see anything going on in Nora's room. However, a low growl continued to flow through the room.

"Sherlock, you have also suffered today. What a karma! " Anna was totally different now. Anyone who saw her would be scared to death.

Anna became like this partly because of herself, partly because of Sherlock. If it was not for him, she would not be like this. Anna was extremely regretful and even wished that she could kill Sherlock.

How much she loved him in the past, how much she hated him now, how contradictory she was. She always enjoyed doing things like this and felt very good for herself.

When Anna found Sherlock, he was sleeping in the rubbish heap. Seeing this, Anna almost burst into tears with laughter. What a karma!

"Sherlock, it has also come to you today. Have you ever thought about it? "

"Sherlock, do you feel that I'm different today?"

"I didn't think you would, because you don't have a heart!"

"Sherlock, I really feel sorry for you. How could you be so miserable? "

"Sherlock, who did this to you?"

"Look at you. You almost can't take care of yourself."

"Molly, you are really disgusting!"

"Sherlock, let me take you to the hospital, okay?"

"Sherlock, do you know about youth?"

Sherlock felt thousands of flies were humming in his ears. He wanted to reach out to slap them. But his arm was broken, so he was twisting. He could only wake up in pain.

"Poor you!"

Anna crouched down and touched his face with her fingers. She could feel the dirt on Sherlock's face. No matter how handsome and good-looking he was, he still looked disgusting as time went by!

What has he left without his ability and proudness? She's afraid that the answer would be probably nothing.

Look at herself. She even lost her self-respect just because of Sherlock.

"Anna, are you going to stay with the rubbish forever?"

"I'm telling you, I bought you, not because I wanted you to stay with a group of bugs, if you are smart, you would come over here right now."

A middle-aged man's voice came from behind.

Anna paused and slowly stood up.

And her tight makeup suddenly exposed in the sun.

She was still a student. However, she had been forced to look like this by life and her own greed. As a result, she was not reconciled.


Anna said, twisting her waist and walking towards the man on her high heels.

"Anna, Anna… That's all you've got, you can't beat Cliff Huo down either. "

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