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   Chapter 19 Danger

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"Lena, please ask Cliff to let me go, let my company go." Sherlock beseeched, standing in front of Lena outside of the toilet.

"You are drunk." Lena frowned and looked around.

"Who said I was drunk?" "I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk. " Replied Sherlock, rolling his eyes.

"Lena, for the sake of our past, please don't stand by and do nothing. Ask Mr. Huo to stop. We can't afford it."

"Lena, am I your first boyfriend? Don't you want to do me this favor? " The look on Sherlock's face was filled with hostility.

"Shelock, I don't know what you're talking about. If you want to find Cliff for something, you can do it yourself. I can't do anything."

"Sure enough! Sure enough! "

"It's hard for a woman to change her mind."

"Lena, I think I was wrong about you."

"Since you are not going to help me, I won't let you leave here either. You and your baby, you can wait for Mr. Huo to come!" A hint of cruelty flashed by. At the same time, Sherlock held the bottle of wine and kept drinking.

"Sherlock, what on earth do you want to do?" Lena was very anxious.

When she left the club just now, she was with Nora. But Nora went outside because she had to pick up a phone call. She went to the bathroom. However, she didn't expect to see Sherlock here and was stopped by him.

Now, Lena hoped that someone could notice that she was gone and could come find her as soon as possible.

Sherlock gave her a very bad feeling. She was afraid that it would be wrong to continue arguing like this.

"I just want you to help me. Is it that difficult? "

"Lena, how could you be so heartless? Both my company and I are going to be fucked up because of you. Don't you think you are going too far? " Suddenly, he came to his point.

"Lena, you act like a virgin in front of me. But when you were with Cliff Huo, weren't you acting like a bitch? Do you think that you are married to a better man? That's why you want to deal with me this way, right? "

"Lena, let me tell you something..."

Sherlock kept saying all kinds of harsh words to Lena.

It was the first time for Lena to know that he could be as hot tempered as a shrew in bed.

It was not until now that he realized that people like Brian Mo liked to complain, even though he was such a bastard.

But at this time, Lena couldn't do anything because she was afraid that she would be the one to be attacked by strength.

She held back her anger, hoping that Cliff would come as soon as possible.

Things went exactly as Lena expected. They had found that Lena was gone.

Like a quail, Nora stood behind Austin and regretted a lot. She couldn't understand why so many troubles would happen to Lena every time when she was with Lena?

Nora bit her lips and wanted to cry. She didn't mean to do that. She didn't know this would happen.

"Don't worry, Cliff. Let's look for her first. Maybe she didn't leave the club. " Austin stood in front of Nora, taking the stress off her which mostly came from Cliff's anger.

"I hope we can find her as soon as possible. Otherwise..." Nothing else needed to be said.

"Don't worry, Cliff. Your Lena will be fine. Trust me. " Baron said, he was helping looking too.

"I've got in touch with someone

, and I'll go to the monitoring room to check what's going on," Jacob pushed his glasses and said.


There was a GPS on Cliff's phone. Although the signal was in the ladies' room, he made his way to the location.

When Cliff arrived, Lena was forced to stand in a corner.

Cliff's face soured. How many times have things like this happened?

Why did he always find his helplessness?

This was not a place that Sherlock could come to.

Cliff went straight to them and pulled Sherlock away. Sherlock was pulled back by his collar.

"Sherlock," Cliff snorted through gritted teeth.

"Mr... Mr. Huo?" Sherlock was surprised when he looked back with his sleepy eyes.

"Mr. Huo, these are all misunderstandings. They are not like what you see..."

Just now, Sherlock was so arrogant, but at this time, he didn't even dare to raise his head. He just wanted to preserve his strength in front of Mr. Huo.

Sherlock knew that he couldn't be self willed even if he was drunk.

Sherlock had a good plan, but it would only work if others would be willing to corporate!

"I planned to leave a way out for you and your family, but now obviously you refused to take it. I'll let you die. " Cliff didn't plan on driving the Mo family till the end.

Now, what Sherlock had done had completely annoyed Cliff.

"Sherlock, you deserve to die in hell." As soon as he finished his words, Cliff grabbed Sherlock's collar and pulled the drunken Molly up to the ground.

Sherlock's feet were still on the ground, like a hang ghost.

"Cough... Let me go, let me go, quickly... "

Sherlock felt like he was dying.

After a while, he was wide awake.

Meanwhile, Lena stayed aside obediently, keeping her eyes on Cliff as if it was a god was helping her.

'If he didn't come here, something horrible would have happened.

"Sherlock, I won't kill you this time. But next time, I'll kill you directly. I'll let you know what you can and what you can't do. You'd better be clear in your heart. "

"Sherlock, you can fuck off now." Cliff looked at Sherlock like he was an ant. Sherlock collapsed onto the ground and struggled to his feet.

Cliff was like a devil that could eat people alive. Sherlock knew that he wasn't joking.

Sherlock's heart began to beat violently.

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I'm really sorry." As soon as Sherlock managed to stand up from the floor, he lowered his head, apologized to Cliff and then ran away.

"Cliff, have you found Lena yet?" Hiram looked around but didn't find Lena. When he was about to go back to the room, he heard Cliff's voice. Out of curiosity, he came over.

"Are you blind?"

"Oh, I see. I was really blind. Both of you are here. It's indescribable."

"Lena, have you been scared?"

"Lena, do remember to call us when you go out from now on, okay?" Hiram walked up to Lena and reminded her with a serious tone.

"Hiram, why are you standing so close to her?" Cliff flared up.

"What? Does it matter if I get closer to her? " Poor Baron kept stirring up trouble.

"Don't piss me off, Jonny. Otherwise, I'll punish you," Mr. Huo narrowed his eyes and flashed a murderous look. He was about to pounce on Jonny and tear him up.

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