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   Chapter 18 the fight between men

Whisper Sweet Nothings By Qing Bao Characters: 6126

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"I'm sorry Cliff, I didn't mean it. I just can't figure it out. I know I've made a mistake again, but I can't figure it out. I'll never do that again. Please don't be mad at me, Cliff. "

"Cliff, I'm very jealous when Sherry came here today. She is your friend and she wanted to call my first name, but I didn't allow her. I..."

"Cliff, am I very selfish? Shouldn't I do that? "

"I really don't want to do that, but I can't control myself,"

Lena was crying and talking there. Tears poured down her cheeks and she could not control it at all.

At this moment, Lena really didn't want to cry. Tears kept running down from her eyes as if they were not hers.

"Lena, don't cry. Let's have a good talk, okay?" Cliff didn't know that Sherry was in the room, nor did the bodyguard tell him. So when he came back, he didn't see Lena and thought she was still asleep. Unexpectedly, he saw her walking on the floor with bare feet.

His face darkened and he shouted at Lena angrily.

"Cliff, I won't cry. I won't cry..." At the thought of this, Lena began to whimper and her voice became hoarse. Besides, she had a runny nose. She looked rather pathetic as if she had been abused.

Seeing her pitiful look, Cliff felt a heartache and wished he was holding her in his arms and comforting her.

"Lena, don't cry. Let me know if you have any grievances. If I did something wrong, just say it. I won't bully you. You can bully me." That day was the most special day of his life for saying so much sweet talks.

"Why would I bully you? You didn't mess with me. It's my fault. I didn't think it through. "

Lena become really embarrassed for herself, she always cries easily, especially when she was pregnant and couldn't control her emotions.

"Okay, okay. If you have any trouble next time, do let me know. Okay? " She was still as arrogant as before!

Cliff was trying to keep Lena calm. When she stopped crying, he told her that he would take her out tonight.

Hearing that she was going out, Lena's eyes lit up.

"But, cliff, my face is swollen from crying. Can I really go out to play? Wouldn't there be any problems? " But Lena was a lady. She couldn't face this ugly face by herself, let alone going out and letting other people see it. If she went out to let others see her, wouldn't she feel ashamed?

"You want to dress up well, don't you? It's just a meeting with Austin and the gang. "

"Lena, we don't need you to dress up. You look beautiful even without any makeup. Besides, don't you want to play with Nora? "

"Lena, let's get out of here soon. You should go to compress your eyes, okay?"

"Please wait for me, Cliff. I'll be fine soon. " Hearing that it was time to play with Nora and the gang, Lena felt much more relieved. If she was expected to play with someone else, she might not want to go.

She had met some of Cliff's good friends, all of whom were very interesting.

Lena's temper went off soon. By the time they set out, she was already on the phone with Nora. The two best friends were w

hispering something to each other, and Cliff heard them and shook his head.

They were at a party in a very private club. There was no such a mess here, so Lena was also here.

They came first, followed by Nora and her Austin, and then the other two.

At the sight of Nora, Lena waved at her and she went to her side obediently like a puppy. They then got together to talk.

"Lena, I went to school the other day. I didn't tell you, did I?"

"Do you know that Sherlock is really an asshole? Both he and his brothers are bastards! I am so glad that you have nothing to do with that jerk now! "

"Nora, Sherlock is famous for being a jerk in the school now. Everyone calls him a jerk. And his girlfriend Anna is also a poor person. Maybe that's why they get together! "

"They behaved like hooligans. The rumors in school were all because of Sherlock. If it weren't for him, who would have said something like that to you? "

"I beat up Sherlock. In the end he was too blind to see anything. If it weren't for that little bitch Austin, I could have beaten up Sherlock to hospital. "

When she spoke, Nora looked very proud.

She loved beating people, especially when it came to defending the weak.

"Sherlock?" She almost couldn't think of this name.

She never thought that Sherlock would turn out to be like that.

Fortunately, she was not obsessed with love. Otherwise, she would regret!

"What is your woman talking about again, Austin?" Cliff asked coldly.

"What else can I say? How could you not know? " Austin asked, rolling his eyes!

"Austin, when will you get your woman?" Asked Cliff.

"The right time hasn't come yet. I can take it slow. Don't worry. "

Although he said he was not worried, Austin actually was very worried about it! Lena! Why don't you understand me?

"Look at Cliff! He's going to have a baby. Isn't that what he wants? Was he not good enough compared to Cliff?

Not at all!

He thought he was just as good! Why didn't it go well like Cliff did?

It was driving him crazy. What on earth went wrong?

He was a shrewd man, but why did he act like an idiot when it came to a relationship?

It was so annoying.

They just kept arguing with each other!

He really wanted to see what was going on in Nora's mind.

"Jerks are really bad for us! I have to get my eyes clean in the future, or I will find a bad man. "


"It's so funny. The conversation between these two girls is so funny."

"How could there be such an interesting person in the world?"

The baby face man burst into laughter. He kept pounding on the sofa, wishing he could lie on the ground.

"Hiram, behave yourself! Don't frighten people, okay? " The gentleman next to Hiram nudged his glasses up his nose, also with an uncontrollable smile in his eyes. It was true what Hiram said.

"Jacob, it's so rare that you didn't start a fight with me!" Hiram said, then he took a look at the golden lawyer.

"Are you asking for it?" Jacob said with a faint smile.


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