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   Chapter 15 I'm An Idiot

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Lena couldn't stop laughing. When Nora became barbaric there's no one that can stop her. As her best friend, she had to say that it's impressive.

Nora is a genius, Lena burst into tears with joy.

"Is it that funny?" With a sad face, Nora rubbed her sore waist and sat next to Lena.

One minute ago she was a rookie who had just won the fight, but now she was completely defeated.

"Nora, you poor thing." Her careless look made Nora even more upset.

She wanted to unfriend her!

"Lena, how can you just watch me being tortured like this? Do you have no sympathy? Don't you know that that asshole Austin is so ruthless to me? Each time he throws a ball, it is like he is in a trance and has endless energy... "

Hearing that, Lena wanted to laugh again.

She knew that Nora and Austin were not real brother and sister. Austin was actually the son of Nora's parents' good friends. But because they died in an accident when Austin was at an early age, leaving the poor baby boy alone.

At that time, Nora's parents didn't have any children either. They liked Austin very much at the first sight of seeing him, and then they wanted to adopt him. Time had proved that they were right, it was a right decision. Austin seemed to be a snob but was actually very capable of managing the Lin Company well.

As for Austin and Nora, the two of them were never getting along well with each other. Especially Nora, she never treated Austin in a nice way.

Although Nora spoke badly to Austin, she had never done anything improper. Actually, they had a good relationship.

As for what kind of relationship it was, Lena didn't know, nor did she think about it so deeply.

"Nora, can't you use the metaphor in a more decent way? " It's really... " Lena felt a little embarrassed to speak it out.

" I was just claiming the truth! Good words are nothing like Austin. " Nora pouted.

"Okay! Okay! As you please. " Lena gave up.

Both Austin and Nora were quite willing to accept each other's challenge.

"Lena, my waist hurts. Who on earth invented tennis? It's killing me! " Nora groaned and twisted her neck. She could hardly feel the parts under her neck.

Lena tried her best to hold back her laughter. Just now, Nora looked as funny as the tortoises raised by her family.

"… Lena, quit laughing! Come and massage my chest. " The expression on Lena's face could be predicted even without Nora turning back.

She felt ashamed of herself!

"Okay, okay, I won't laugh."

The rest area was cozy and nice. On the court, two armies were engaged in fierce fighting.

"Hey, Cliff! " What are you doing to me? " Austin had already fought two rounds and had a rest of only five minutes, so he was a little tired now.

He was now feeling painful as much as the happiness he felt when he was kicking Nora's ass. Couldn't catch up with the speed was not the most important thing at this moment. Cliff was like a wolf let out from the cage!

" Help you practice more, isn't that a good thing?" Raising his eyebrows, Cliff continued to give Austin a hard ball.

"I quit. I quit. You are a fighter. I quit playing with you. " Austin was exhausted and he rested his hands on his knees. When he co

uld breathe steadily, he fell on the ground.

"Cliff, why am I so unlucky?" The look in his eyes was serious which was rare to see.

Cliff wiped the sweat off his face with a towel, and then looked at the direction of the rest room, only to find that Lena was still sitting there, and his face was full of tenderness.

"You should ask yourself. After all, you have missed an opportunity." Cliff sat on the ground in an elegant and relaxed manner.

"Yes! I missed a chance, how could I be like you? You are so crafty. "

"Cliff, maybe you're more lucky than me, so marrying the girl you love to you is not so hard like it's to me. " Austin looked up and fixed his eyes on Nora. She was heartless!

He should have done a good job!

Why couldn't Nora feel it?

"You are too fickle in love, so..." After a short pause, he continued.

His paused made Austin very regretful. He was not really a playboy. What could he do?

If there was a hoe in front of him he'd to hide into it immediately.

"Come on, buddy! You're gonna make it. "

That's the only thing Cliff could say to Austin. Otherwise, there's chance that Austin would break his heart.

He would rather spend his time with the fish in his house than spend his free time there.

It seemed that his fish became more stupid recently. It was really troublesome.

"And you call yourself a good friend!"

"Go, go!"

"I need a few moments of peace. Don't ask me who peace is. "

"By the way, take that annoying girl with you. She makes me so annoyed. She only makes trouble all day long."

"Cliff, you need to drop her off our home, don't drop her off half way there."


When Cliff left the office, Austin kept nagging.

"Sherlock, what should I do? It seems that I, I seem to... " Anna clenched her teeth and didn't know what to say. If she didn't say anything, Sherlock would find out anyway. But if she said it, she would have no chance left. Anna was very conflicted and didn't know what to do.

"What is it?" Sherlock looked at Anna sullenly.

"Sher, I think..."

"Tell me, what happened?" His patience was limited, especially to women.

He wouldn't have had her by his side if she hadn't been an obedient woman. She was greedy and was nothing compared to Lena.

Lena was just too innocent and too old-fashioned.

Now, she was not an old-fashioned girl anymore.

Why? Why?

Why couldn't he get her love when someone else could?

Sherlock couldn't help but ask himself. He really regretted that he shouldn't have done that…

Sherlock's face was getting darker and darker, and was almost the same as dark clouds.

"I'm in trouble. Can you help me solve it?" Anna finally said it, but her words were not clear. Sherlock didn't hear it clearly either, and he didn't know what Anna was trying to express.

"What is it on earth? Are you an idiot?"

"Sherlock, I seem to have offended the Huo Company. Can you protect me?" Anna almost cried out loud.

"The Huo Company?" Sherlock was so excited that he jumped up in an instant. Which company? Could it be?

Sherlock squeezed Anna in the hand. In agony, Anna looked at Sherlock tearfully, with tears in her eyes and disappointment in her eyes…

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