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   Chapter 14 A Good Show

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"The... The Huo family..."

"Is it the Huo family I'm thinking of?"

"Maybe. "

"The man I saw just now seems to be Cliff Huo. I have seen a report about him."


"Is it really him?"

"What's the relationship between him and that woman?"

Maybe there was someone who didn't know who Austin Lin was at that time. After all, he had been working abroad and only came back recently so it's understandable that few people knew about him. But only a few didn't know about Cliff Hugo and the fact that he was the CEO of the Huo Company.

The Huo Company was a leading enterprise in the country. It engaged in all kinds of industries and developed in a thriving way.

As for the CEO of the Huo's group, he was certainly a big concern to all.

That's why when Cliff told them about the Huo Company, some people began to look scared, for they fear that they would get involved for this.

"The Lin's lawyer team will also be here. I hope you don't take it personally. "

The crowd was already shocked when the Huo's name was mentioned, so when the Lin's name was mentioned people were not so shocked, as if they were getting used to it.

The girl who spoke ill of others the most before was beaten black and blue by Nora and now she was in despair.

She had been so happy in the beginning, but now she was regretful as much as when she was feeling happy.

The "paramour" of Lena was Mr. Huo. Others might not know who he was, but Anna Ann knew, that was…

Just imagining the name of this man, Anna was in a cold sweat.

What should she do?

Will Sherlock help her? Could the Mo Company compete with the Huo Company?

All kinds of thoughts surged into Anna's mind.

She was so afraid because she knew that Cliff would show no mercy to her.

No matter how scared Anna was, her ending was already decided. No one would show her sympathy or help her.

As for Sherlock, Cliff wouldn't let him go easily either. "

"I'm fine, really! I don't need a doctor!"

"Cliff, please listen to me. Nora is the one who gets injured. She is the one who needs a doctor. "


"Lena, listen to me. I trust what the doctor has to say. I need to hear from a doctor that you are all right. Otherwise, I can't relieve. I won't compromise on this. " Cliff was a man of his own principle. He would compromise on everything, except for Lena's safety.

Knowing that the result wouldn't change, Lena kept silent and raised her head to look at him. Her eyes were resolute and stubborn, which were evident, but she wouldn't say anything to make him change his mind.

Without raising his head, Cliff was able to read what Lena was thinking. The corners of his mouth raised a bit but quickly returned to normal.

The doctor came very quickly and examined the patient. In less than ten minutes, the result was handed over to Cliff.

"Cliff, am I okay now?" Lena asked with excitement since she had seen the result wit a peek.

" Yes, you are fine." Cliff's anxiety was much relieved.

His face didn't change much in the eyes of others but his expression was softer.

"Well, let's find go Nora soon. She has been protecting me and fighting. I'm so worried about her. "

Lena whispered to herself all the way. With Cliff directing her way, she finally found Nora who was under inspection. Nora was more reluctant to cooperate than Lena.

Nora was afraid of going to hospital since she was

a child. It was like killing her just to think of going to the hospital. She's been avoiding it her whole life.

"Nora, how are you?" With tears in her eyes, Lena hugged Nora and asked her with concern.

"I'm fine, Lena. My skin just got abraded and I'll be fine in a few days."

"Lena, am I the heroine today or what? I kicked ass, right? I knocked down those bitches easily with just a few moves. " Nora was so elated that she almost wanted to hold her best friend in arms and dance.


"Lena, do you have a sore throat?"


"Nora Lin, do you think you are a heroine today?" Austin looked at her with a half smile.


"Well, well, I was just saying."

"I'm not made of iron. How could I be a heroine? " Nora felt that she was going to cry. How unlucky she was?

She did think of herself as heroine, but now she was forced to deny it.

'What a devil! ' It's horrible.

Nora answered, and her face seemed to cramp.

At first, Lena was very worried, but after she heard their conversation, she felt relieved.

She didn't know what to do if Nora wasn't there for her this time.

She really didn't know her classmates spread such words. She just chose to study at home for a semester, and she was still going to take all the examinations like usual. She didn't offend anyone. Why did they spread such rumor about her?

Besides, about Sherlock, didn't they break up?

Why would Sherlock's girlfriend say something like that?

Sherlock, who could affect her emotions in the past, now when she thought of him again, she felt that name had been far away from her.

"Lena, Lena, what are you thinking about? I've been calling you. "

"What is it?" Lena just lost herself in thought and did not notice that everyone was looking at her.

"Idiot, it's time to go. Should we stay in the hospital?"

"No way." She shook her head.

"Hurry then. Let's go to the restaurant. I'm so hungry. I can't bear it!" As Nora shook her hands and felt the pain in her arms, she grimaced.

"Nora, stop." Even Lena felt a pain watching her doing that.

"No, nothing."


'When I recover, those bitches will definitely learn a good lesson from me, or they will never know why the flowers are so red!'

Nora thought in her mind and stepped hard on the floor.

Lena shook her head helplessly. Nora was as timid as a child.

"Lena, these are delicious. And these, eat quickly. This private restaurant is very good. I haven't been here for a long time, and today I want to eat a big one. " Not only was Nora speaking with her mouth full, she was also picking up food for Lena.

The food In Nora's mouth was sprayed out inevitably.

Cliff quietly refilled Lena's bowl and pushed what Nora had picked up aside.

"Lena, eat these first. They are good for your appetite. "

At the other side of the table, Austin raised his eyebrows because he was annoyed by Nora's unreasonable acts.

"Nora, if you don't eat with your manners, you will be grounded at home for a month. Make your choice! " Said Austin, unable to control himself.

He had a mysophobia. When he saw the messy dining form of Nora, he felt so sick and full.

"Austin, you are such a petty man. What do you want to do this time? " Being treated so cruelly and happily all of a sudden, Sandra didn't want to leave. She sprayed all the food in her mouth. Sitting close to Sandra, she got shocked.

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