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   Chapter 13 is she dead

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"Good, good, very good..."

"You have some balls, Nora!"

The girl covered her Slapped cheek and gnashed her teeth in anger. Her eyes wandering between Nora and Lena, as if she wanted to remember them thoroughly for future revenge.

"I certainly have more guts than you!" Nora gave a scornful laugh. Was it a threat? She didn't get scared easily.

'TSK, TSK, TSK. I'm not afraid of anyone, not before, and certainly not now!' thought Nina.

"Nora, let me give you an advice. Don't think that you are omnipotent. Regardless of who you are as A family member of Lin's, you are just a stinky and dirty slut, just like the one next to you, which makes people disgusting."

"Miss, what did I do that offended you?"

Lena was protected behind Nora during the whole time, but now she couldn't bear to hear other girls belittle them like that.

"You didn't mess with me. I just don't like you. You have not even broken up with your boyfriend yet, but you have slept with another man. What's more, you are pregnant with a bastard. What a pity that an anthomaniac man has been thinking about you all the time."

"Lena, you are such a bitch,"

She liked Sherlock for five years. She had always wanted to confess her love to him and wanted to let him know her thoughts. But Sherlock didn't give her a chance. She finally got together with him some time ago.

However, every time it was at dead of night, Sherlock would whisper Lena's name, which, like a sharp knife, was slowly cutting her heart.

She felt so painful it's hard to to breathe, but she could only endure her tears, and bury the deadly jealousy deep in her heart.

At this moment, she was going to make Lena suffer just like she did.

"Boyfriend?" Lena was so confused. It seemed to her that she had no boyfriend except for Cliff.

'is she venting her anger on me because she mistook me for someone else?' he wondered?

"Wow, Lena, don't you know who your boyfriend is?" The girl's eyes widened and then dimmed. "Lena, you are really such a bitch. You don't even remember your boyfriend who you've been in love with for a long time. You are really on the high horse now. "

"Lena, don't listen to this crazy woman's nonsense. Let me teach her a good lesson and let her know why the flowers are so red. " Nora realized who the girl was referring to soon after the girl said that.

Nora was much more experienced than Lena. She guessed that the girl who spoke for the prick Sherlock was probably his new girlfriend.

'It's so weird that a girlfriend cares about her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend these days. It's disgusting, ' she thought.

"The day has eyes, the night has ears. Since you have already done it, you shouldn't be afraid of being known by others. "

"You can stop us this time, but you can't stop the others. All the school students know what Lena has done, even the universities around here. "

"Lena, aren't you happy that you've become famous?" The girl winked at Lena with retaliatory eyes. She was really satisfied with what she said.


"Are you Sher's girlfriend?"

"Yes! What, you think that you can find some random men but he can't have a new girlfriend? "

"Don't you play like a church girl. You are not innocent at all! "

The words of girls were really mean. They liked to blame others for their own unhappiness.

Right now that's the very situation for this girl.

"Spreading rumors without knowing the truth? I'll b

eat you to death for that! "

Nora became completely furious. She rushed to the girl, pulled her hair down and then kicked her belly.

The girls' faces were already covered in blood before everyone realized what was happening. The girls who stayed with Sherlock's new girlfriend had the fear that Nora might hit them to death too but still they pushed Nora after realizing what was going on.

Standing next to them, Lena was very anxious. She wanted to help but dared not take a risk because of her pregnancy.

Call someone. Yes, call someone.


Cliff, Cliff Huo…

Lena was so anxious that she almost couldn't hold her mobile phone. She dialed the wrong number for several times, and after she pressed the right number, the number was deleted. Anyway, it was quite a mess.

"Beep, beep, beep… '

The cell phone rang a busy tone, and Lena was praying in her heart anxiously.

Pick up the phone, come on…



"Please Cliff, help me! Please! "

"Oh my god… The phone... "

"Lena? Lena? "

Before Lena could finish her words, the phone was hung up.

"Cliff, what happened?" Austin was sitting diagonally opposite Cliff.

"Something seems to be wrong with Lena," Cliff's face darkened looking at the hung up cell phone. The pressure in the office seemed lowered so much people in the office could feel cold.

"What happened?" "She went shopping with Nora, didn't she?"

As for Nora's whereabouts, Austin was always very clear, so he also knew that she went out with Lena today.

"Cliff, did something happen to Nora too?" Austin's handsome face changed dramatically.

"You go with me." Despite his worries, Cliff remained composed. The way he looked at Austin was like an abyss.

"Okay." They drove at a high speed and finally arrived at a milk tea shop in the University City according to the GPS.

The size of the milk tea shop was so large that it could hold a hundred people.

When they came to the entrance of the bathroom, it was already crowded with people, and there was a faint sound of police car.

The sound of crying and beating came out of the bathroom from time to time.

Cliff clenched his fists. His heart ached when he heard the crying sound of Lena.

"Nora, are you inside?" Although Austin asked this question, he straightly kicked the door away like Nora did before. It caused some screaming inside.

"What are you doing, Austin! Jesus! " Are you kidding me? " With her hair disheveled, Sophie had the trace of fight on her face and her clothes were covered with footprints. Several parts of her clothes were torn.

Nora stared at him with rage and Lena was standing behind her.

"It's not like I died or something. " He looked up and down at Nora and then relieved. She was not in good shape at all but there was no actual damage.

"Did anyone get killed?" Austin asked with his arms crossed before his chest.

"Half way there, you deal with it." Nora spat out the blood in her mouth.

Hiss, it hurt so much.

"Okay." Austin answered with a sly smile, and a dark light appeared in his eyes.

Nora was out of blood! Damn it! These bastards.

Well, well, well.

Glancing around, he took out his phone and dialed.

"The Huo's lawyer team is coming."

Cliff didn't spare a glance on anyone else and picked his wife up and left.

"Lena, don't cry. I am here now. "

"Cliff…Cliff..." Grabbing his shirt, Lena burped and shed tears.

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