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   Chapter 12 Gossip

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Washing feet was really both a happy and painful thing!

Lena didn't know how she managed to put an end to her demonic laughter. In the end, she felt weak and comfortable at the same time. Besides, her feet felt a lot better.

"Cliff, I don't have any strength now." She leaned against Cliff like a lazy cat.

Cliff's fingers moved through her hair, bit by bit, and finally loosed it. It was repeated.

"If you don't have the strength, just rest on me. I will always have your back. "

"You're so kind to me, Cliff. I'm sure you'll spoil me. " She squinted and poked his chest with her finger to feel his strong heartbeat.

The sound was so attractive that it seemed to almost jump out from it.

"I will love you forever, you are my only precious." Love words were the best way to improve their relationship when necessary.

"What about the baby?" She was happy, but then she attached attached more conditions.

"Don't worry. The baby is less important to me than you. And when it grow up it will find its own treasure. You'll be my only treasure when the baby grows up. " He was still very earnest. She could see her own figure in his eyes. He was so dedicated and devoted that it was like she was the only person in the world. There was nothing else.

"Then on behalf of the baby I must be resentful to you for a few minutes! That's very incompetent of you. " Lena chuckled.

She was the only treasure in his world!

She was ahead of the baby!

It was great to have the feeling of being knocked unconscious by happiness.

"The baby will understand daddy's love for Mommy. He or she will only bless us got it. " He put his hand on her abdomen, where their child was.

"Cliff, you're so bossy!" Seeing this, Lena laughed so hard that she almost couldn't keep her eyes open. The two crescent moons were hanging on the rim of her eyes.

"Yes, you're right. I'm such a bully. And there's nothing you can do, since I am the father after all. " Cliff then put his hands around Lena's waist and lifted her to his chest.

Lena didn't expect that coming and screamed all of a sudden.

"Argh… Cliff, why didn't you tell me that you were going to lift me up? "

"My baby would have been scared out of my womb if I hadn't own a good heart."

"Cliff, you're bossy and bad. You're so bad..."

At dusk, Lena's delicate voice resounded in the living room, and Cliff laughed heartily.

In the kitchen not far away, Ms. Xu and Joy looked at each other and then looked away with disgust.

Humph, those little bitches outside don't have any chance at all.

"Nora, don't you think Cliff is very bad?" Blinking her big eyes, Lena took a sip of her milk tea in anger and asked for Nora's agreement.

Nora rolled her eyes. Did they think she was blind?

She could tell that Lena was happy to see that, but she still lied.

Was she making fun of her for being single?

Damn it.

Nora replied with disdain. Then she glanced at the couple and took a big gulp of milky tea like a racing horse.

It took Lena quite a while to realize that Nora was not talking to her at all.

"Nora, what's wrong with you?" She reached out and plucked Nora's sleeve.

"You've been feeding me with your sweet love story. I'm thirsty now." In fact, Nora wasn't really angry. After all she wished more than anyone that Lena could find her Mr. Right.


ena looked stubborn but actually she was soft hearted. She could even offer some help after being betrayed by one as long as one doesn't mess with her.

Nora knew about Cliff since she was a little girl. Her brother and he were best friends. They had ran into each other a lot in the past.

Therefore, about the relationship that Lena and Cliff had, although she was a little reluctant to part with her best friend and felt as if the little sheep she kept had been eaten away by wolves, she would give the couple her bless.

"Nora..." Hearing that, Lena's face turned red. In fact, she didn't mean to show off their love at all. She was just complaining about it out of habit, but why didn't Nora think so?

It was so embarrassing!

"Well, it's not the first time for me to see you showing off your love story. I have been used to it anyway. Don't be shy. When I find my husband, I will show off our love to you every day. " Nora responded with a snort.

"Okay then Nora, please hurry up!" Lena whispered in a red face.

"Of course." Nora seemed to have seen herself trying to show off their love.

The two girls discussed for half an hour about how to show off their love. After drinking a large cup of milk tea, they gripped hands and went to the washroom together.

"Have you heard the news? You know who got pregnant before marriage and her belly became so big it's impossible to hide. "

"Yes, I have seen it myself."

"Where is she?"

"Well, she was just at this milk tea shop sitting with Nora Lin. "


"Really. "

"Let's go there to have a look then."

"Okay, okay, okay..."

"What are you looking at?"

Even if they were just trying to use the bathroom, she could still hear the gossip about them, especially the part about Lena. Nora's anger almost burst out.

Lena had gotten the marriage certificate, what were they talking about?

Pregnant before marriage?

Who spread the rumor?

Nora's face darkened with anger.

So, after hearing these gossips, she immediately kicked the door.

Thanks to Nora's kicks, not only were their presence known by the people who spoke ill of her, but also brought Lena back to her senses.

"Nora, they..." Holding Nora's hands tightly, Lena sweated in her palms and her body trembled. Her stomach ached a little.

"Lena, don't be angry. They are bad mouthed. Since they don't know the truth, they are spreading rumors. I'll ask them to apologize. " She knew about Lena's situation.

Cliff had warned her repeatedly that it was okay to go out and have fun, but on one could make Lena angry, especially when she was emotional. It was not good for her health, and bad for the baby.

" Look what have we got here, Nora, Lena, It's you two! "

"What? Are you afraid of being discussed by others?"

"Oh look, Lena's face looks not good. Did we really get it right? The baby in your belly is really..." Her words were like a venomous snake that darted through Lena's stomach.

"Do you really think you are the purest and most innocent girl at school?"




"How dare you hit me? Do you know who I am?"

"I don't care who you are. I just want to beat someone with a dirty mouth. Is it really necessary to know? "

This girl's provocation, her rude words and Nora's slap made the atmosphere in this small toilet irritated immediately.

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