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   Chapter 11 Happiness Was Written All Over Her Face

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What were they talking about? Why was t involved with Cliff again?

And what on earth did Ms. Xu show to Amy? Why did Amy stop talking?

Lena's mind was full of questions. She wanted to walk over and ask, but she was afraid that once she show up they would stop talking, so she did nothing.

Lena couldn't help but feel anxious as well as painful.

It would be like this once she got emotional.

After a while, Lena slowly calmed down. There was silence in the room for a moment, and then Amy said something.

"Ms. Xu, what does this mean? " Amy raised the cellphone in her hand and there was a mocking smile on her face.

She didn't expect that every word of hers were monitored. Was this a distrust for her or just for Lena?

What a pity!

"Mrs. Xu, what would Lena think if I tell her that Mr. Huo install cameras everywhere in this house?"

'If you dare to threaten me, then don't blame me for returning the favor.' Amy thought.

She knew Lena, that single-minded creature, who's been waiting for her, it's likely that Lena's looking for her right now, so she was afraid that she had heard the conversation between Ms. Xu and her in the villa by now.

Good. That's what she wanted.

If she was not happy, then no one should be happy.

"Miss Qiu, you should know the consequence of angering Mr. Huo. You are embarrassing yourself. " Mrs. Xu had been through a lot. She was not afraid of Amy.

Mrs. Xu could indeed deal with Amy, but she didn't know much about Lena like Amy did. During pregnancy, Lena became so clingy. When Cliff was at home, she always stayed beside him. When Cliff went to work in the daytime, she stayed with Amy and would rarely spend some time on her own.

"Ms. Xu, I'm only having a crush on Mr. Huo, and I've never done anything across the line. But Mr. Huo, it's debatable weather he really loves Mrs. Huo." Amy had a meaningful smile on her face.

She could see a figure at the corner over there already.

"Miss Qiu, don't try to stir up trouble here. It's time for you to leave. As for Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo will take care of their problems." Mrs. Xu didn't change her mind. She pointed to the door and asked her to leave.

"Fine, I'll leave now. I hope you won't regret it. " Amy smiled proudly, then turned her head aside and walked away with a wiggle of her hips.

Meanwhile, Lena managed to avoid her successfully. She was a little distracted and reluctant to believe what she just heard.

Amy had a crush on Cliff?

Didn't she have a boyfriend? She had seen their photos before.

'Were they all lying to me?'

And what on earth did Ms. Xu show to Amy? Why did Amy say that there are installed cameras everywhere in her house?

Was Cliff spying on her?

'Ms. Xu must know something. Should I ask her?

Just as Ms. Xu said, Amy was trying to stir up trouble between them, trying to drive a wedge between her and Cliff.

She had fallen in love with him. She didn't know when did that happen, but she didn't want their relationship to be ruined.

She just didn't know what to do next.

Time ticked away. The night had fallen. She sat at the table, facing Cliff. They were so close that she could even touch him by reaching out her hand.

"Lena, don't you like the food this evening?" Cliff had kept an eye on Lena. Seeing that she didn't eat much, he asked with concern.

His voice was full of te

nderness. She may not notice it before, but now she could definitely notice it.

Therefore, she shouldn't have doubted and believed what she had heard.

"No, I just ate too much fruit this afternoon, so..." Lena bit the chopsticks and shook her head. Her face blushed and she told a white lie.

"I see!"

"Then watch me eating!" Carlos didn't lose his elegance in eating. The aroma of food and dishes permeated into his nostrils.

Holding back her feelings, Lena continued to eat with chopsticks.

She's not struggling anymore, plus if she didn't eat the baby would suffer.

Seeing from the corner of his eyes that Lena was eating, Cliff tried hard to hold back his laugh.

He had known what had happened this afternoon and could roughly guess what she was thinking about. He was not in a hurry to explain, he would choose a better timing.

However, he would never let go of that woman easily, Amy.

As a nurse, she had in mind what she shouldn't have. There is no professional ethics and she meant no good.

Fortunately, Lena was a simple minded girl who would not make a fuss about it and was not harmed by Amy.

"Cliff, when will the baby be able to move?" Lena rubbed her full stomach, reclining lazily on the sofa and asking with interest.

"About six months I think." Cliff wasn't sure either, but he was sure that he would go study got it the next day.

"Well, the baby is sure to move after six months." She could imagine how lovely the baby would be when it was practicing boxing in the belly.

While she was fantasizing, Cliff was looking at Lena, gentleness and happiness radiated from each other.

When Ms. Xu was clearing up the table, Joy started to help her.

"Joy, do you think those little girls have problems with their minds? Mr. Cliff and Mrs. Lena are in such a good relationship, why do they need a mistress to intervene? What a group of shameless people! " Said Ms. Xu scornfully.

"Mr. Cliff is rich. That's enough for them. " Joy replied cheekily.

"You know women well, don't you?" Mrs. Xu retorted immediately.

Some noise came from the dining room, but it didn't affect the two people in the living room.

"Do you think it's a boy or a girl, Cliff? Could it be a pair of twins? " It would take them less time to have two children at the same time.

"I will love it no matter it is a boy or a girl as long as it is yours." He rubbed Lena's head, lost in various fancies and conjectures.

"I'm just thinking! It's not like someone will charge for it. " Lena pouted her lips and thought, 'how domineering he is!'!

"Cliff, could you help me wash my feet later? Just like when we were little, okay? " Her sleepy eyes suddenly opened wide.

"Okay, as long as you don't mind feeling itchy." Every time he helped her wash her feet, she would laugh so hard it's hard to breathe. When she got out of the tub, she would kick the water everywhere, as if it was a water disaster.

She was afraid of the itch, but she liked to bath her feet.

She liked to badger him and ask him to help her wash until she reached sixteen.

When she was in high school, she refused to accept his help because people say that a lady shouldn't accept a man's help washing her feet.

More than two years had passed, he didn't expect that she would bring it up again.

"I don't mind. " Said Lena, pretending to be calm.

"Okay then."

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