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   Chapter 10 sow dissension among Lena and Raymond

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When she woke up in the morning, Lena found herself a married woman. She was confused at that time, because she really didn't expect that things would happen so fast. There was no room for her to regret.

With the marriage license in her hands, Lena looked at Cliff and then at the marriage license again. Then she tightened her lips.


She had to admit the fact that she and Cliff had indeed gotten the marriage certificate.

As for the wedding, they could talk about it later.

Lena had been shocked enough when the marriage certificate was issued and the fact that she was pregnant. She was afraid that the public would know about her relationship with Cliff, for she didn't want people to gossip around.

Even so, when Cliff asked for her consent and the told their parents about their marriage, she still was afraid that they were going to judge her. She really wanted to hide behind Cliff.

Even though Lena was shy, the meeting actually turned to be just fine. The parents of Cliff were very happy that Lena would become their daughter-in-law. At the same time, Lena's parents were both smiling happily.

Considering that Lena was pregnant and showed signs of a miscarriage, their parents postponed the wedding and said they would hold it after the baby was born.

When Lena heard this, she was completely relieved. Fortunately, she did not have to do it immediately.

In this way, Lena moved into Cliff's villa.

This villa was not the one Lena was familiar with. It was located a the mountain with pleasant environment, fresh air and facilities. Moreover, the traffic was also convenient. It was very suitable for living.

Lena fell in love with the villa the first time she moved into it. She was itching to take a pen to draw it down.

It was a sunny day today. Cliff had gone to work. Lena and her nurse Amy Qiu were left in the villa, alongside with the housekeeper, Ms. Xu and the gardener Joy Wang.

Amy and Lena were around the same age, so they got close pretty soon and would chat together now and then.

Now they were bathing in the sun in the garden. There was a beautiful swing made of flower and cirrus. Lena and Amy in the swing were swinging lightly.

Lena squinted her eyes and enjoyed the sunshine. The sunshine was so warm that she almost fell asleep.

She had been living in the villa for more than three months. Now her belly was very round. She usually had to walk with her hands on her waist.

"Lena, your belly is so big. Do you think you might have two babies? "

"Maybe it's a boy and a girl! The boy looks as handsome as Mr. Cliff, and the girl looks as beautiful as you, wouldn't that be wonderful? " These words had almost become Amy's daily routine, for she had repeated them several times every day.

"The doctor didn't tell me, so I don't know the truth either. Cliff told me that it doesn't matter whether the baby is a boy or a girl, it will always be our sweetheart. " Squinting slightly, Lena looked happy.

"Mr. Huo must love you and your babies very much." Amy looked into the distance enviously.

"Yes." Lena nodded. Cliff was quite fond of the baby. He would talk to her belly, tell stories and play the piano when he was free.

"Lena, are you hungry? Should I bring you a bowl of fruit? "

"Amy, is it true that if you eat more fruit, the baby's skin will be milky?"

Jean loved eating fruit, but she didn't treat fruit like real food. But after she was pregnant, she was eager to bury herself in the frui

t when she knew it was good for the baby.

"Right. You should eat more fruit. Your baby's skin will be smooth and exquisite, like silk. "

As Amy was said, Lena imagined how the baby in her belly will look like. She smiled brightly and touched her belly softly.

Seeing that Lena was completely immersed in her mind, smiling gently, Amy's eyes turned red because of jealousy. She almost lost her mind.

Why was Lena lucky to have such a good man?

She got pregnant before graduation. How could she be so lucky?

Amy knew that she was beautiful and capable herself. Why couldn't she meet such a good man?

It was so unfair.

'Cliff was like my Prince Charming. If I could have the chance to be a nurse in this house, I must get close to him, ' Amy thought.

"Lena, wait for a moment. I'll get you some fruit. " Amy's voice was so soft that no one could tell what was going on in her mind. Then he left with a decent smile.

"Thank you, Amy!" Lena smiled softly.

Amy had been away for a long time, and Lena looked around several times, but no one came to the garden.

She was worried. Did something happened in the villa?

She walked towards the villa slowly with her hands on her stomach.

It was a big villa. There was a garden, a swimming pool and so on inside it.

Ms. Xu and Joy are also missing. What on earth happened?

With her phone in her hand, Lena walked very slowly in anxiety and curiosity.

She had been pregnant for more than five months, but due to the big belly, it looked a little scary, just like what other women would look like after six or seven months pregnant.

It was so close to the villa that she could hear people talking inside.

Who was it?

Wasn't that the sound of Amy's?

Why is it so sharp? Or is it someone else?

She supported herself against the wall with puzzlement.

The voice was getting clearer.

"Miss Qiu, what Mr. Huo said is very clear. You are going to pack up and leave here today. Your salary will be send to your card later."

It was Ms. Xu's voice, and she was always strict. At this time, she sounded even more serious.

"Why? When did Mr. Huo say that he would fire me? Is it your own decision? " What hadn't Amy seen before?

She wouldn't have left unless Mr. Cliff hadn't told her that in person.

This old woman must be meddling.

Humph, she would fire this old woman first thing after she became the hostess.

"Miss Qiu, let's be straightforward. You know clearly what I mean. I have shown mercy for you and you'd better leave quietly. If you make a scene and everyone else is unhappy about it, then don't blame us for being harsh. After all, who else would like to hire you once people know your filthy secret?"

Ms. Xu stared at her without blinking as if she could read Amy's mind.

Being stared by Ms. Xu, Amy's heart sank. 'Did she really see through my mind? Or was she just bluffing? '

"Ms. Xu, I don't know what you are talking about. Can you give me a hint? " She was not afraid of Ms. Xu. It was absolutely impossible for her to just back off!

"Check it by yourself." A look of contempt appeared on Mrs. Xu's face. She had seen too many women like Amy around the Huo's family. Not everyone could be Mrs. Huo. These women should check in the mirror and see what they are made of.

Now that Cliff is married, all these women should stay away from him instead of making a fool of themselves.

After watching the video, Amy's face turned pale. She bit her lips tightly.

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