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   Chapter 9 Mrs. Huo!

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"What happened to me?"

"I'm sorry, Lena."

" It's okay, don't mention it. " Her eyes flashed.

"No, it's my fault. Lena, I'm sorry." Cliff said in a softer voice. He didn't dare to go too far, afraid that it would scare her again.

"I know I did the wrong thing,"

"Am I in the hospital?"

"Is it still there?"

Apparently, Lena had already guessed why she was in the hospital.

Lena hand under the quilt touched her belly. She rubbed it gently and instantly felt out of breath.

Even though she didn't expect to have a child so soon, when she know she was pregnant, she would still feel…

"It's still there." Gradually, pain and regret began to gather in his eyes.

"Sure enough." Both grateful and disappointed, she had a complicated feeling.

"Lena, let's keep the child and raise him up together." As a business man, Cliff was always capricious. But when it comes to relationships he would get hesitate. Especially when he was afraid of losing Lena, he would become as timid as a mouse, unlike who he was usually.

"Raise it together? " She once thought that she had a hallucination. When she couldn't see Cliff's eyes and face, she made an effort to aim at where he was.


"You said to me yourself that you don't want it, Didn't you? "

"Lena, I want it. I've always wanted it. I want it so much I'm going mad! "

"I'm just afraid, I'm afraid..."

"What are you afraid of?"

"You are silly, and I am stupid, that's how things turn out to be like this. "

"After you left that day, I had someone follow you. I was the first to know that you were pregnant, but I was afraid that you didn't want the baby, and that our relationship would break because of this, so I..."

As he spoke, his awkwardness was hidden in the darkness.

Meanwhile, Lena's ears were buzzing. What did she just hear?

He was afraid?

Was he afraid that she wouldn't have their child?

Or was he afraid of their relationship?

Yes, he kept asking her what their relationship was.

Were they like brother and sister without being related by blood? Or were they a woman and a man who had a one night thing?

In fact, she didn't know either.

And he knew it, so she had been under his watch all the time?

Is that why he kept asking all these questions earlier?

"Lena, we'll get married tomorrow. You will be my Mrs. Huo. For whatever reason, I won't let you go. I was wrong before, but I will do as I say."

"Wherever you go, you can only be my wife. You can only be with me."

He should not be gentle or repent?

But why did the transformation turn so big, so unbearable?

Lena didn't have much strength, and now she was even stunned and froze there.

She couldn't believe it. Was Cliff saying what she thought he was saying?

After a moment of silence, she asked in a low and dry voice, "you mean, you want to marry me?"


"For the baby, or for me?"

Suddenly, Lena regretted what she did. She didn't have to ask that stupid question.

She was a little flustered and wanted to explain, but she was shocked by his words.

"For the baby, and more for you."

"The baby was just an accident. You have always been the goal and we are meant to be together. "

With the light in the ward as bright as day, he gazed at her. When he saw that she wanted to take what she had said back and became more anxious, His full handsome lips slight

ly curved. His deep eyes were full of stars, which made him look mysterious and unfathomable.

"Are you determined to get me?"

"Yes!" He reached out to touch her face and murmured, "I'm sorry, it's my fault. I frightened you. Please forgive me. I will never do that to you again. "

"Lena, will you marry me? "

The finger pulp gently rubbed against her cheek, and her heart became soft and numb. The hesitation hidden in her heart began to dissipate.

He did that for her.

Then, did it mean that…

She didn't dare to think more about it.

In his eyes, the look on her face was innocent and adorable, making him wanted to…

He leaned forward and gave her a light, feather-like kiss on the forehead, followed by another kiss on her cheeks.

All of a sudden, the fireworks exploded in her mind. Her cheeks turned red and her eyes were condensed.

She had never known that a simple kiss on the forehead or cheek would make people feel like that.

When she was in a relationship with Sherlock, they had kissed. She kept imagining that their kiss would be like what was described in the novel, in which she was completely immersed in the feeling of being drunk, hot and elegant.

Now, she felt that her heart was softened by the kiss. It seemed to be going to melt.

Cliff used to give her the impression of a responsible and loving brother, who was very gentle to her.

But when she started to see the other side of him, she thought he wasn't that kind of man who was ignorant of romance, who didn't know love, always like a gentleman.

The man just didn't loosen his heart. He didn't spray his passion out like lava.

As the novels would describe, this man is a walking sexual attraction.

She thought, "Cliff, you're a dick, and you're hateful as well. I'm like your little sister! Who do you think I am? " She looked at him with tears in her eyes and questioned him aggressively, but her heart was filled with bubbles.

Who was the silly one in the end?

He was really very hateful indeed.

Being there for her in the name of her big brother, falling in love with her for more than ten years

Now that they finally got the chance of being together, she wanted to flee. How could he not get angry?

She was going to leave with their unborn child.

He hadn't confessed his love to her yet, and he hadn't fulfill his dream and marry her. How could he let that happen?

"Are you still willing to marry me?" His words were peremptory, but in the end, he had to let her nod in agreement.

" Can I say no? I'm still young! " Lena looked at him innocently.

"No, we'll go get the marriage license tomorrow."

"So what's the point of asking?"

"Good girl, it's too late now. Go have some rest!" Cliff covered her eyes with his hands. The light was gone, and it could only be seen through his fingers.

"Did anyone say that you were such a bully?" Pouting, she felt the bubbles in her heart had already come to her throat and the corners of her mouth were about to jump up.

"Yes." His affectionate eyes, at this moment, gushed out uncontrollably.

She was his precious treasure. He treasured her so much that he would never forget her.

How could he let go of her easily if he could get her one day?

From now on, Sherlock or anyone else should never get close to his treasure. She could only have him by her side.

He would never let her go.

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